Minecon 2016 Cape Leaked?

There are only a few hours left before the much-awaited Minecon 2016 begins. Of course, there will be a free Minecon 2016 cape given to everyone coming to the Minecraft event in California.

The Minecon cape giveaway has been a long-standing tradition of the all-things Minecraft event. And for this year, it looks like attendees will get the Enderman cape, if a post from TheFuzzyHead, a member of Minecraft server Mineplex, is to be believed. Based on his claims, it seems like Mojang Support made a mistake, sending a wrong email to the Minecraft player.

Instead of providing the activation link for the Minecon 2015 cape that TheFuzzyHead was requesting, the Minecraft maker allegedly provided the one for this year’s convention.

“I wanted my spare cape to sell before Minecon 2016, my one from 2015 I got, and contacted Mojang because I deleted the email and wanted them to resend the activation link; little did I know I’d be getting the 2016 one sent to me,” he shared in the Mineplex forum.

On his profile page, a screenshot of the email in question was attached, with a message that read as follows.

“Everyone likes virtual swag right? Here’s your exclusive MINECON 2016 cape. Wear it with pride and show-off the fact that you attended our biggest celebration yet!”

“This year’s edition features a handsome Enderman on the back,” it continued. “Possibly our most stylish yet. Follow the link below and log in to minecraft.net.”

It also noted that the Minecon cape will automatically be added to the character. The message was then followed by an image showing the Enderman cape.

See the image by visiting’s TheFuzzyHead’s profile linked above.

There were Mineplex members who expressed doubts about the seemingly leaked Minecon 2016 cape. For instance, a member with the username Leafy messaged TheFuzzyHead and said, “So I saw your post and it looked sketchy.”

“No offense, but I would like more evidence than your edited photo that you were sent a Minecon 2016 Cape instead of a Minecon 2015 Cape,” he added. “Now, maybe, that image of the ‘Minecon 2016 Cape’ could be this year’s cape, it still does not have enough evidence and information supporting it. So I call this a hoax.”

Minecon 2016 Cape Leaked?
[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

A member named Wam was asking TheFuzzyHead of a photo of him wearing the cape. Meanwhile, other Mineplex members expressed their opinions on the forum page about the alleged Minecon cape. Slyhawk said it’s “a cool cape but kinda unattractive,” while BlueFiree shared it is “probably the best Minecon cape” he’d seen.

“I am now no longer salty that I’m not going to Minecon because this is one ugly cape,” ALegendMeantToBe shared.

An earlier report from the Inquisitr noted that previous speculations from fans pointed to Enderman as the Minecon 2016 cape giveaway. For instance, a Twitter user with handle @cats3122 posted this tweet back in March.

Minecraft Guides described Enderman as “perhaps the most feared mob in Minecraft since its release.” It added, “With its ability to teleport far away from the player and teleporting back in the blink of an eye, together with their strong attack and high health, the enderman is certainly a force to be reckoned with.”

Minecon 2016 is all set for this weekend, September 24 and 25, celebrating the massively popular sandbox game, Minecraft, which is an original creation of Swedish programmer, Markus “Notch” Persson. The event will take place in Anaheim Convention Center where Minecraft fans can “watch panels discussing your favorite game (Minecraft, we hope), hang out with thousands of like-minded crafters, shake hands with the Mojang team, and rub shoulders with YouTubers,” the official Minecon webpage noted. There’s also going to be a Minecon 2016 live streaming for those who can’t make it to the event.

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]