‘Gangnam Style’ Baby Will Only Eat While Video Is Playing: Watch

Baby Benjamin could be Korean rapper Psy’s biggest fan, especially at lunchtime.

The previously fussy eating infant from London apparently will only accept food when Psy’s international megahit “Gangnam Style” video is playing in the background.

Benjamin’s dad, Andrew, told the New York Daily News, “The first time I fed him while watching ‘Gangnam Style,’ he ate the whole meal within eight minutes.”

On the family website, Andrew explains that “Gangnam Style” seems to exert a hypnotic effect on the 10-month-old baby, who previously would take more than hour to eat his lunch:

“I had tried all different kinds of techniques to get him to eat his vegetables without fussing, including mixing yoghurt and fruit in, and playing Sesame Street videos (which was only effective in short bursts), but none of them were nearly as effect as Gangnam Style.”

“The first time I introduced it to him at a mealtime, I literally fed him within 7 minutes… I was really amazed about how well it worked and how effective it was at calming him down. Since that time, the video has been really helpful in getting him to eat, and we’ve used it a bunch of times to great effect. My theory is that the video shuts down some of his higher brain processes, and Benjamin just accepts whatever’s put in front of his mouth!”

“… the Gangnam Style video and the reduced length of mealtimes has given us a lots of additional family time together, and has made us happier and less-frustrated parents too.”

Watch Baby Benjamin eat only while “Gangnam Style” is playing: