Nicole Lovell: CBS ’48 Hours’–Missing Teen Lured With Popular Social Media App, Murdered By Virginia Tech Students On ID

Nicole Lovell, the missing Blacksburg, Virginia, teen who was later found dead after she was allegedly lured by a social media app, will have her story documented on CBS’ 48 Hours this Saturday. Each weekend, CBS’ 48 Hours details some of the most heinous murders that are occurring in the United States. This week’s 48 Hours is titled, “Killer App.” On the show, Nicole Lovell’s mother and father will speak about their daughter’s murder. A friend of Nicole Lovell may also make an appearance.


Nicole Lovell vanished earlier this year, making headlines all over the nation when it was alleged that she had been lured out of the house by someone using the social media app KiK.

Tammy Weeks, the mother of the missing 13-year-old teen, last saw her daughter earlier that evening and even had plans to knock on her wall so that Nicole Lovell could come into her room and spend time together as they always did.

What she didn’t know at that moment was that Nicole Lovell had already sneaked out of her bedroom window with plans to meet up with the boy she wanted to marry.

Authorities say that boy was 18-year-old David Eisenhauer, a track star and student at Virginia Tech. After Nicole Lovell’s disappearance, a massive search ensued. Cell phone and text records led them to David Eisenhauer.

Nicole’s worried parents were especially fearful because their daughter was the recipient of a liver transplant, and it was important for her to take her medication. Without it, her life would placed in great danger.

However, the greatest danger was found in the handsome David Eisenhauer, who police say killed the young girl in an evil plot that he planned with Virginia Tech classmate Natalie Keepers.

Detectives later found Nicole Lovell’s body in a Surry County, North Carolina. An autopsy report stated that she had been stabbed to death.


Nicole Lovell’s death rocked her community and devastated her friends and family members. Her death also sparked a national discussion on teens and the secret world of social media, a world that most parents know nothing about.

Nicole’s parents were aware of her heavy social media usage and had even taken her phone away for a time.

One classmate stated that Nicole Lovell was enjoying the attention that she was receiving from older men. They said they tried to warn her to stop communicating with them.

Authorities say David Eisenhuer duped Nicole Lovell into thinking that he wanted to be with her. Instead, his communication with her was all part of a sick and twisted plan to lure an innocent young girl out of the home, the New York Daily News reported.

“Natalie Keepers helped Eisenhauer hatch an elaborate plan for the slaying and then assisted in disposing of the body. The two scouted out a secluded spot to toss Lovell’s corpse, bought cleaning supplies and shovels from separate Walmarts, and drove past the girl’s apartment to keep an eye on her.”

According to CNN, investigators specified a possible motive in the senseless murder.

“The pair, [prosecutor Mary] Pettitt said, went to the restaurant in the days before the girl’s disappearance to talk about the plot to kill Nicole. Eisenhauer told Keepers how he would lure Nicole out of her home one night, take her to a remote location and use a knife to cut her throat. Eisenhauer had an inappropriate relationship with Nicole. The girl was planning to expose their relationship and investigators think this was the motive for killing her.”

Watch Nicole Lovell’s story on CBS’ 48 Hours tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central. In a previous episode, the case of Tom Kolman was profiled.

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