Kelly Dodd Seeks Legal Advice After ‘RHOC’ Drama Explodes On Social Media

Kelly Dodd is learning what it means to be a real housewife on one of the most popular reality shows these days, The Real Housewives of Orange County. It isn’t as simple as just filming some scenes, watching the show back on television and getting paid. Once you put yourself in the spotlight, people will come out of the shadows and start using the internet to slander you, especially if you have some skeletons in the closet.

Dodd thought she would beat everyone to the punch by sharing her marital issues on one of the first episodes, revealing that she and Michael had almost divorced, but his controlling ways made her stay. Kelly even revealed that Michael had undergone a psychiatric evaluation because of his decision to keep Dodd in the marriage, even though she clearly wanted out.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she has sought out some legal advice from her attorney in how to deal with all of the negative backlashes she has been receiving. While she hasn’t been getting along with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars lately, the people who she’s concerned about are people related to her past. Apparently, someone from her past keeps going to the blogs and the tabloids to dish out some stories about her that she claims are downright false. Plus, she doesn’t appreciate that her family is now being subjected to this attention.

“Call me crazy but your exes wife & friends going to bloggers & cast mates bad mouthing you constantly is harassment,” one person wrote to Kelly Dodd, who replied with, “I’ve gone to my attorney’s already!”

“Is very ironic that they say you harass them when they are chasing bloggers & coworkers down to slander you #twilightzone,” the fan wrote back, to which Kelly Dodd pointed to a very specific person, writing, “how smart are you!! And how dumb is my stalker Heidi?”


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Dodd hasn’t revealed who Heidi is, but it sounds like it could be someone related to her ex, who she was briefly engaged to while separated from Michael. It could be someone who may not be too happy with Kelly. It is clear that Dodd is dealing with some people from the past, who don’t necessarily have the best intentions, but it sounds like she’s also feuding with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars. While they all seemed to get along on this week’s episode, things have exploded on social media after someone started talking about families and children.

“She talked about my daughter on WWHL,” Kelly Dodd revealed on Twitter about Tamra Judge, to which one person pointed out that she was talking about Tamra’s children as well, adding, “didn’t seem like a malicious comment, more just a fact. you just tweeted about Sidney, as well.”

“Sidney is 18 she is an adult! And I said how would it feel if I contacted them? I never would because I’m not that low!” Kelly Dodd replied, to which Tamra added, “she’s 17. Watch yourself.”

Dodd has revealed that she’s never watched the show prior to joining, but she does seem to know a lot about the custody issue that has plagued Tamra and her daughter, Sidney. And Judge clearly doesn’t appreciate her children being brought up on a show they are not filming for Bravo. Maybe Kelly Dodd is seeking legal action because she herself tends to cross the line.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd’s tweet about seeking out advice from her lawyer? Do you think she could possibly sue someone over what has been said about her?

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