Chris Brown And Nia Guzman Blast One Another On Instagram Amid Child Protective Services Investigation

Chris Brown is no stranger to calling out haters on social media, so when reports surfaced suggesting that Brown’s baby mama, Nia Guzman, reportedly filed a complaint against the singer with the Department for Children, School, and Families (DCSF) after learning of his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon last month, Brown took to Instagram to slam Guzman for reportedly trying to use their daughter “as a meal ticket.”

The spat between Brown and Guzman began on September 22 after TMZ published a report claiming that Nia had filed a complaint with the DCSF following Chris’ arrest for assault with a deadly weapon after actress and former beauty queen Baylee Curran revealed to police that Brown had threatened her with a gun during a dispute at his Tarzana home last month.

Just so you know????????

— Nia Guzman (@___niaaa___) August 31, 2016

The site further explains that while the District Attorney’s office has yet to file charges against Brown stemming from his dispute with Curran, police and child services still paid the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer a visit yesterday in response to Guzman’s complaint in order to check on the well-being of Nia and Chris’ two-year-old daughter, Royalty. However, according to updated reports, Chris Brown refused to speak with investigators once they arrived at his Tarzana home and even disallowed the LAPD and DCFS rep to enter his security gate.

Once reports of a Child Protective Services case against Chris Brown began surfacing on social media, Brown took to Instagram to respond to the accusations against him while simultaneously blasting baby mama Nia Guzman in a series of Instagram posts in which he claims that the model is a “snake, golddigger, credit card swiper [sic], freeloader, and professionally unemployed.”

On Friday, Chris Brown took to Instagram to share a lengthy comment on a post written by Baller Alert in response to the alleged Child Protective Services investigation by suggesting that Guzman is seeking nothing more than an increase in monthly child support payments as a result of his impending assault case with Curran.

“Petty s*** so someone can ask for more money in family court,” Chris Brown began in his comment. “JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR!!! NIA IS A SNAKE, GOLDDIGGER, CREDIT CARD SWIPER [sic], FREELOADER, professionally UNEMPLOYED, and F****** BIRD! I WISH THIS B**** WOULD ACTUALLY [sic] WORK AND APPLY HERSELF INSTEAD OF TRYING TO USE A CHILD AS A MEAL TICKET.”

Brown then continued by arguing that Nia is likely to respond to his scathing comments, noting that the model’s response will likely “consist of these types of things…CHRIS IS ON DRUGS, CHRIS IS CRAZY, CHRIS IS THE WORST PERSON ALIVE, etc. IF U BROKE THEN USE YOUR HEAD FOR KNOWLEDGE INSTEAD OF SUCKING D*** TO PAY YOU RENT!!!!!!!! #STAYCLASSY.”

Soon after Brown posted his comment, Nia Guzman took to the social media site to respond to Chris’ accusations by alleging that the “Back To Sleep” singer has been “high as f***” around Royalty during his visitation days with his daughter and that Brown allowed the child to be “naked [with] no pamper with a house full of men” while she was staying with Brown during his scheduled visitation days with his daughter. Guzman further concluded her post with advice for Brown which reads, “I DIDN’T CHOOSE YOUR A** TO BE MY CHILDS FATHER. YOU DID. YOU GAVE ME NO CHOICE! LOOK AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR AND SEEK HELP!”

Chris Brown further blasted Guzman in response to her follow-up comment with an additional post to Baller Alert which begins, “Let’s not forget that you said all this bull**** in court twice and you lost your case twice. You get 10k a month from your first baby daddy along with alimony and you want to live a certain lifestyle. I was done talking about this weak s*** for the sake of the child but u tryna tag along the wave the media is putting out.”

Brown concludes, “This b*** sell dope and all kinda s***, you moved bricks for your pops who is now in jail!!!! Stop lying to the public you poopbutt a** b****. MY DAUGHTER HAS NEVER BEEN IN DANGER AROUND ME so F*** YOU, THE MEDIA, and anyone else that got an issue. YOU KNOW YOU PLAING YOUR CARDS AND YOU ARE TRASH! This my last response. ALL THE H*** IN LA SHE KICK IT WIT ARE MY HOMIES. B**** THINK EVERYBODY ON HER SIDE. HORRIBLE A** B****. JAS ANS [sic] WHOEVER ELSE ON YOUR TEAM. Y’all got my address. Pull up.”

Similarly, Chris Brown further explained his decision to publicly bash Nia Guzman on Instagram in a video posted to his social media account early Friday morning, revealing to fans via the explicit video that he feels the need to speak out because he doesn’t “get the benefit of the doubt as everybody else,” The Shade Room reports.

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“Someone make an accusation, 90% of y’all believe it, and it’s bull****. The last three weeks or whatever’s been going on with the accusations…you know it’s false. Even the people that is reporting it know its bull****. So, in the midst of that, it’s started to trickle down into my parenthood, me being a father. So, I take great pride in being a father, there’s responsibility in being a father, I love my daughter, make sure she’s healthy, her education…I pay for it all. Never had an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is…if there’s even an inkling of a problem, somebody uses that as a meal ticket instead of treatment for their daughter. I take care of my daughter fully. So everything else, all these allegations and bull****, stop lyin’ bro. Just stop f******* lying. It’s annoying bro, I’ve got enough on my plate.”

What do you think of Chris Brown and Nia Guzman’s comments towards one another in response to the Child Protective Services investigation?

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