Rebel Wilson’s Impressive Weight Loss Soured By More Death Threats

Rebel Wilson, the multi-talented Australian celebrity, is living proof that anyone can turn their weaknesses to their advantage irrespective of the negativity they may experience along the way. Today, Rebel Wilson is a well-known actress thanks in part to her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, the 2012 American comedy movie.

However, her weight has never bothered her, and she took up any role that came her way after she completed her training at the Australian Theatre for Young People. Most of the on-screen characters that have been portrayed by the Bridesmaids actress have been audacious and funny. In fact, Rebel Wilson’s very first role on the television screen was that of a girl gang leader in Pizza, an Australian television program.

Even though she appeared in cameo roles by playing funny characters, Rebel Wilson took every effort to do justice to the role, even if it required to mock her own physique. One of Rebel Wilson’s most memorable cameos was in Ghost Rider, the 2007 superhero movie in which she plays the “girl in the alley” who witnesses Nicolas Cage’s supernatural form setting the road on fire.

Later, Rebel Wilson was given the opportunity to be cast in a substantive role in a movie when she was offered to play the supporting role of Brynn in Bridesmaids, the 2011 romantic comedy movie.

Rebel Wilson might be enjoying playing sweet roly-poly characters but at the same time, she agrees that it is desirable to maintain a healthy weight. In 2011, Rebel Wilson embarked on Jenny Craig’s weight loss program which helped her to lose weight. Even though she has since discontinued Jenny Craig’s program, the Brothers Grimsby actress has since been taking the initiative to be proactive about her weight by getting involved in activities like marathon hiking.

Being active on social media, Rebel Wilson regularly shares updates regarding her weight loss efforts by posting photos that reveal the effectiveness of the activities that she is undertaking. According to the Mirror, the positive results of the actress’s fitness regime were clearly witnessed by her fans when Rebel Wilson’s recently posted Instagram photograph revealed that the Struck by Lighting actress has slimmed down considerably.

The photo showed Rebel Wilson wearing a pink dress while attending the wedding of Anna Camp and Skylar Astin, her co-stars in Pitch Perfect.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been good news recently for Rebel Wilson, as the comedian has reportedly received death threats in the comments section of her Instagram account. According to News Australia, Rebel Wilson’s recent Instagram post revealed that the death threats are being investigated seriously.

“Just letting you guys know that my comments are temporarily suspended because of death threats I recently received. The FBI is currently investigating.”

#rebelwilson disabled her comments because of death threats!! #celebrity #celebrities

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Rebel Wilson has been known to invite trouble by posting comments that seem to upset some of her followers. Earlier, Rebel Wilson posted a Twitter comment that criticized her fan for following “bikini-clad” unpleasant females instead of falling for smart and successful Australian girls. Rebel’s comments drew the ire of many of her 2.6 million followers who expressed their unhappiness over the actress’s comments.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Rebel Wilson has received death threats, as the actress has also previously been targeted for one of her most innocent and friendly gestures. The Bridesmaids actress received threats from jealous teenage girls when she casually embraced Harry Styles, the One Direction star, as a gesture of affection. According to the Herald Sun, Rebel Wilson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and spoke about how her gesture was wrongly misinterpreted by Harry’s jealous fans.

“These little girls, I think they’re about 12… They were very, very unhappy about that. Basically, we’re just like two professional entertainers having a good time, and he really enjoyed it.”

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