Kylie Jenner Superfan Johnny Cyrus Tattoos Kimoji Face On Arm In Latest Show Of Obsession

Meet Johnny Cyrus, a hardcore lover of all things Kylie Jenner. And when I say hardcore, I mean hardcore. The 19-year-old has permanently tattooed the Kimoji of Kylie’s face on his arm in his most recent attempt to grow closer to his idol. If you haven’t seen the Kimoji in question, you may have seen the real-life photo that inspired its creation. It’s the infamous photo of teal-haired Kylie mid-blink, and it’s not cute at all. But that’s what makes the photo and Kimoji so much fun.

Fun enough to get tattooed on your body, apparently. This isn’t the first Kylie-inspired tattoo Cyrus has had inked, though. He has her lip kit logo and swatches also permanently tattooed on his arm. This is in addition to the names of Jenner’s first three glosses, her signature, and Kyshadow logo. That’s a lot of Kylie Jenner even for me, another self-proclaimed Jenner fanatic.

KIMOJI TATTOO ???? @kimkardashian @kyliejenner

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Don’t get me wrong, all of the tattoos are so cute, but who in their right mind wants a permanent reminder of their teenage idol? Now, back to Johnny’s obsession with the youngest Jenner sister. Not only does he flaunt his Kylie ink every day, but he also has a wardrobe full of what must be custom-made Kylie shirts. Seriously, I’ve never seen these shirts anywhere but Johnny’s Instagram.

Cyrus isn’t alone in his quest to show his dedication to King Kylie, he has over 120,000 followers on Instagram alone and another 19,000 on his verified Twitter account. Yes, folks, I said verified account. Johnny has made such a name for himself that he even has a profile on The site refers to him as a “superfan” and Instagram star, and I guess multiple Kylie tattoos would earn him that title.

Johnny was lucky enough to meet his hero and idol in March, and of course took a selfie with an uncomfortable-looking Kylie. It’s not surprising that King Kylie looks a bit unnerved at meeting such a fan. She has been the target of stalkers during her short career. In fact, just a few short months before meeting Cyrus, Jenner was the target of an attempted break-in by an alleged stalker in December 2015, according to Daily Mail. I’m sure this incident weighed heavily on her mind as she was greeted by a tattooed, Kylie shirt-wearing Cyrus. Not that he’s a stalker or anything, but it can easily be perceived that way.

That leads to some issues for Cyrus as Instagram and Twitter users call out his obsession with Kylie. He has been called many names in the comment sections of his photos, but I prefer to not go too much into detail. As much hate as Johnny receives, he also gets a lot of love. Two weeks ago he dyed his hair platinum blonde, as did Jenner, and his fans loved it. Indeed, Johnny has his very own fan following. The commenters said he looks beautiful and they love his new hairstyle, praising his dedication to Jenner.

Obsessed with @kyliejenner's kimoji ????

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While I’m a fan of Kylie’s lip kit line, the thought of getting her shades tattooed on my body has literally never crossed my mind. In fact, it’s a slightly horrifying thought that someone did get Kylie Jenner tattoos. I’m all for loving and appreciating celebrities, but is Cyrus taking this admiration a bit too far?

There’s a fine line between being a fan, a superfan, and being unhealthily obsessed. Johnny obviously spends a good amount of money on his Jenner addiction, which includes all of her cosmetic products, clothing, phone cases, and tattoos.

But he also gives back to his and Kylie’s fans. Cyrus holds giveaways once in awhile, sometimes based on reaching a certain number of followers on his social media accounts. All in all, he seems like a good guy. His posts are positive and uplifting, even if they’re a little creepy, and he enjoys sharing his passion with his fans.

Hopefully, he doesn’t turn out to be the stalker trying to break into Kylie’s house.

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