Katherine Heigl Shares Her Secrets For Surviving Pregnancy

Katherine Heigl has taken time away from acting to focus on her pregnancy, and the former Grey’s Anatomy actress is now opening up about what she has learned about carrying a child through her own experiences. Like many expectant Hollywood moms, Heigl is overjoyed to share her experiences with her fans, but Katherine has proven herself unique in recognizing that such revelations are a growing trend. At a time when it seems every pregnant actress wants to expound on her own insights into motherhood, Heigl pokes fun at herself and the trend in a refreshingly lighthearted post.

Unforgettable Actress Katherine Heigl Shares Her Own Secret Pregnancy Tips

At 37-years-old, Katherine Heigl is about to become a third-time mother, and as can be seen in an E! News article, the actress is now feeling confident enough to share her pregnancy secrets with the public. In fact, as Katherine points out with her unassuming humor, carrying a child seems to bring with it a greater insight into parenting than might otherwise be expected.

“As I write this I am 19 weeks pregnant and now believe myself to be an expert on all things pregnancy,” Heigl writes in a recent Instagram post. “Therefore, I thought it only right that I share my hard gained wisdom with all of you presently, and planning to be, gestation ladies out there. I’m joking, I basically know nothing, but there are a few things that I’ve discovered during the last 19 weeks that have vastly improved my pregnancy experience.”

While Katherine makes light of the idea that being pregnant has given her that added wisdom, she says she has learned a thing or two from her pregnancy experiences and seeks to share them with other women. Katherine says that while she’s not trying to push the idea that she’s in a place to give professional advice on pregnancy, she does hope that by sharing the few things she has learned, she might make another woman’s pregnancy run a little smoother.

Katherine Heigl Hopes Others Will Learn From Her Example

Ms. Heigl has gone through a great deal of trial and error when it comes to handling issues related to her pregnancies, and as ABC News reveals, she’s now passing those tips on to others. On her own blog, Those Heavenly Days, Katherine reveals that she went a little wild with her first pregnancy, gorging herself on “fettuccine alfredo and huge slices of chocolate cake” and clinging to the age-old excuse that she was eating for two. Fortunately, the former Grey’s Anatomy star found Eating Well, a website that has helped her plan out healthier meals.

“Having a little help keeping my nutrition on track has made all the difference in the world and this way after eating well all week I feel like I’ve earned the wiggle room to indulge on the weekends and have that chocolate cake if I’m craving it!” Heigl writes on her blog.

Like many others, Katherine has never been a big fitness nut, and she admits on her blog that she has largely stayed away with the workout crazes that take over the internet from month to month. Yet, Heigl recognizes the important in maintaining a good physique and in staying active throughout a pregnancy. Katherine says yoga gives her body what it needs without overtaxing herself and risking her baby’s health.

Other pregnancy tips from Katherine include dealing with indigestion, which Ms. Heigl says is best eliminated with a helping of apple cider vinegar, either taken with baking soda and lemon juice or by adding a shot of it to her water or “mocktail.”

Ms. Heigl also recommends switching to a low-acid organic brand of coffee to eliminate headaches and to reduce swelling around the ankles.

Katherine Heigl, together with husband Josh Kelley, already has two adopted daughters, Naleigh, 7, and Adelaide, 4.

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