‘General Hospital’ May Be Closing Its Doors Soon: Can Paul Hornsby Be Stopped Before It’s Too Late? [Spoilers]

Bad things have been happening at General Hospital, and now it has taken a toll — so much so that it looks like the only choice right now is to shut it down. Everything seems to be falling apart in Port Charles. Julian Jerome has been freed of murder charges, Morgan Corinthos is spiraling out of control thanks to Ava Jerome, and Paul Hornsby’s secret agenda of killing people at GH has led to what looks like a shutdown of the institution that Steve Hardy worked so hard to build.

According to this week’s spoilers put out by TV Source Magazine, chaos is breaking out everywhere. With mobsters running free to do what they want and everyone seeking revenge, it’s no wonder that emotions are running high these days, even among viewers. Will General Hospital really shut its doors for good?

In the previews that were shown for Wednesday’s episode, Epiphany is seen looking quite sad and defeated as she is talking to a photo of Steve Hardy. She tells him that she is sorry and that they tried, which means that the closing of the hospital is at hand. This is all part of Paul’s agenda to take down Monica Quartermaine and General Hospital.

No one knows exactly why he is seeking revenge at this point, but it is now clear that it has something to do with his family. It is most likely because of his daughter Susan, who has been mentioned quite frequently lately. Ava Jerome even urged Paul to stop the killing and leave town, but he told her that family takes care of family. She should understand that since she has just made a deal with Paul to keep her mouth shut about him being the hospital serial killer.

Paul gave Ava exactly what she wanted, which was to keep her brother, Julian Jerome, from being convicted of murder and attempted murder. The district attorney delivered what she wanted, and in exchange, she will not spill the beans on Paul’s murderous rampage at General Hospital. Because Ava has chosen to make a deal with the devil, her actions have caused the shocking death of Sabrina Santiago, a young nurse and mother, as well as forcing the doors to be closed at GH.

These recent events on the ABC daytime drama have many viewers up in arms. They may have had enough of the violence that General Hospital has bestowed upon them over the years. The show has highly focused on mob violence for years with the Corinthos family, and now the Jerome family as well. Bringing in a member of the Port Charles police force, who is now taking the lives of innocent people in a hospital setting, may have just been the last straw for some fans of the show.

Many are worried that the impending closing of General Hospital on the screen will lead to their favorite daytime show ultimately going off the air soon. Viewers have every right to be concerned, as the former ABC soaps All My Children and One Life To Live are no longer part of the afternoon lineup. This leaves GH quite vulnerable. However, this particular storyline of the potential closing of the hospital is all just part of the drama. It looks like this soap is here to stay, at least for now.

You can bet that Tracy Quartermaine will do whatever she can to try to save the hospital. SheKnows Soaps states that she will be putting her foot down about something on Wednesday’s episode, and she can do that very well. She is worried that even a temporary closing will cause GH to be financially ruined, and she is not about to let that happen without a fight. Of course, this spoiler could really mean that she will be fighting Joe Rivera from getting custody of Teddy as well.

Hopefully, General Hospital will be fine. Fans are definitely ready for Paul Hornsby to be caught before he can kill any more innocent people. Once that happens, everyone will be safe enough to keep the doors open at GH.

Are you ready to get back to more “Love in the Afternoon” rather than more violence in the afternoon?

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