Jessica Lange Gets In The Habit For ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Promo

Jessica Lange, who recently won an Emmy for her turn in the Ryan Murphy drama American Horror Story, will lend her talents to the program when it returns to the airwaves later this month. According to Buddy TV, the second season kicks off with a spooky premiere on October 17 at 10 pm. In order to get people talking about the debut, a new 30-second promo has been released online.

In the clip for American Horror Story: Asylum, Jessica Lange appears as a sinister nun at particularly dark and dreary mental institution during the 60s. “Here you will repent for your sins to the only judge that matters,” she says while leaning over a patient strapped to hospital bed. If the embedded promo is any indication of things to come, then this season looks to increase the sex and violence by several intense notches.

Fans of director Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, meanwhile, will surely appreciate the uncomfortable device strapped to co-star Evan Peters’ eyes. Peters, who was also featured in the debut season of American Horror Story alongside Jessica Lange, will play a young man who finds himself being committed to the insane asylum. From the outset, it would appear the second season’s storyline has little if anything to do with the first.

USA Today reports that this isn’t the only promo you’ll see for American Horror Story: Asylum prior to its season two debut. Over 20 different teasers are being prepped for release this month, a campaign that is expected to saturate social media sites with all sorts of creepy footage. Expect more clips to arrive through such outlets as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter very soon.

If you want to see more of Jessica Lange as a sadistic nun at a very creepy mental institution, be sure to tune into the American Horror Story: Asylum premiere on October 17.