Solange Knowles And Son Victims Of Racial Attack At Concert

Solange Knowles has been verbally attacked by white women at a Kraftwerk concert and had a half-eaten lime thrown at her, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Shortly after the incident, the 30-year-old sister of Beyoncé took to social media to pen an essay about race.

A group of grumpy old white women sitting behind Solange Knowles verbally abused the singer for dancing and having fun at a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans last Saturday night. The singer wasn’t alone, as she took her 11-year-old son and his friend to have a good time at the show.

But their fun was ruined by the racist white women who verbally scolded Solange Knowles and the kids for dancing during the song “The Hall of Mirrors.” But the incident was far from over.

When Solange Knowles refused to comply with the women’s request to sit down, they started throwing rubbish at her, including a half-eaten lime. Shortly after the incident, the “Losing You” singer tweeted about it and said she felt like she didn’t belong in this predominantly white world as a black woman.

But Solange Knowles must have realized that the media would misinterpret her words and call her a racist, so she wrote an in-depth essay about her experience of being exposed to aggressions from white people throughout her lifetime.

In the article posted on her Saint Heron website, Solange Knowles noted that it wasn’t just about being asked to sit down and behave quietly at a music concert, but it surely was a microaggression that made her feel being unwelcome as a black woman in this world.

“It usually does not include ‘please.’ It does not include ‘will you.’ It does not include ‘would you mind,’ for you must not even be worth wasting their mouths forming these respectable words.”

Solange Knowles also added that those individuals, who are seemingly racists in the eyes of black people, may not even be aware that they are treating other races differently.

“Many times the tone just simply says, ‘I do not feel you belong here.'”

Solange Knowles also noted that the media has a hard time contextualizing black women and men as victims on a daily basis. The singer added that many of her followers understand what she has been through as she is sure that many of them had endured the same bad treatment many times.

“You realize that you never called these women racists, but people will continuously put those words in your mouth.”

Solange Knowles finished her essay by writing that incidents like this are what makes black people uncomfortable living in predominantly white spaces.

In other news, Solange Knowles is all about natural hair, according to the Times Live. So it’s not surprising that the singer has voiced her support for the girls studying at the Pretoria Girls High school, where black pupils were recently told to straighten their hair.

Solange Knowles joined thousands of messages that voiced their protest over the school’s demands. The scandal took place earlier this month and, ever since then, the black pupils studying at the school took to social media to ask the world for support.

In fact, the #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh hashtag is currently one of the most discussed trends on Twitter, and it appears that Solange Knowles found out about it thanks to the hashtag. In her tweet, the singer mentioned that a spokesperson for the movement, 13-year-old Zulaikha Patel, urged her to continue with her “bad self” and called her “rad.”

And it seems that the media attention worked, as ever since the news caught fire on social media, authorities of the school decided to suspend their new measures.

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