The $150 Million Worth Charlie Sheen Starring In Crackle Original Film Mad Families

Charlie Sheen is starring in a film 10 months after he went public about his HIV-positive status. He will play the lead role in Mad Families, an original movie from Sony’s digital arm Crackle. The actor will also be executive producing the film.

Charlie Sheen will be seen in the original movie as an endearing man-child named Charlie Jones, who has a heart of gold and a world-view that sets him apart from everyone else. Production for Mad Families began in Los Angeles last week, according to Deadline.

Charlie Sheen Returns To Small Screen

Mad Families will mark the flamboyant actor’s return to the small screen after months of grueling personal turmoil stemming from his past history and health issues.


The TV movie is supposed to be a multi-generational comedy that focuses on the lives of three families, one white, one African-American, and one Latino.

Charlie Sheen Movie
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The families run into each other during the Fourth of July celebrations when they are made to share the same space for camping. After none of the families decide to leave, they initially try to find a way of peacefully co-existing but their efforts culminate into a competition to come up with a winner.

Cast And Characters

Charlie Sheen’s character is brought into the focus when he gradually figures out what the most important things in life are through a series of hilarious, wild contests. It will be interesting to watch him star as the harsh and sarcastic Charlie Jones, reluctantly battling it out in the wilderness.

Sheen will be joined by Leah Remini, Juan Gabriel Pareja (Goliath), Finesse Mitchell (Saturday Night Live), Chris Mulkey (Whiplash), Chanel Iman (Dope), Clint Howard (Arrested Development), Lil Rel Howery (The Carmichael Show), Barry Shabaka Henley (Better Call Saul), Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show), Danny Mora (Chop Shop), Naya Rivera (Glee), Charlotte McKinney (Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser), and Efren Ramirez (Eastbound And Down).

Mad Families will be directed by Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser helmer Fred Wolf, who has also written the film along with David Spade. Remini will play the role of Charlie Jones’ step-mother, Cheyenne.

TV Film Sure To Win With Charlie Sheen On Board: Crackle Head

Crackle general manager and Sony Pictures Television’s digital networks executive VP Eric Berger sounded upbeat about the comedy.

“It’s great to be back in business with Fred, and to have Charlie on board. The combination of Fred’s unique comedic voice and Charlie’s sharp wit and gift for physical humor is sure to be ‘winning.'”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Berger said that original movies were an important part of their current programming strategy and that the film would suit their viewers very well.

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Charlie Sheen himself worked on developing his role in the film in collaboration with Fred Wolf.

He is also starring in an Indie action film named Nine Eleven alongside Whoopi Goldberg. The movie features five people who find themselves trapped in an elevator of the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

End Of Troubled Times For Charlie Sheen?

Sheen became hugely popular through his role in the comedy TV show Two and a Half Men. He hasn’t returned to television since last acting in Anger Management on FX.


The popular star is reportedly worth a net $150 million. During his HIV revelations, it came to be known that he had given a whopping $10 million to extortionists in order to suppress the news about his illness.

Charlie Sheen reportedly lost a ton of money after he made his illness public and many of his previous sexual partners sued him for keeping his condition secret.

Whether starring in the film, Mad Families, marks a turnaround for Charlie Sheen remains to be seen but it is definitely something to cheer about for his fans, who have missed him onscreen.

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