‘Pokemon GO’ No Longer Top Grossing App After ‘Clash Royale’ Update

Pokemon GO has lost the top spot on the App Store’s top-grossing charts. The augmented reality game lost its position to seven-month-old card game Clash Royale.

Pokemon GO remained the top-grossing game on the iOS App Store for 74 days, according to Mashable. While this makes it the third longest reigning game, the number doesn’t seem like such a big deal considering the legendary history of the franchise and the feverish hype that marked its launch.

Pokemon GO And The Clash For Top Spot On iOS

Clash of Clans’ reign of 347 consecutive days remains the longest ever on the top-grossing charts of the U.S. App Store. Candy Crush Saga is a distant second with 109 days. Clash Royale could catch up as it is currently 5th with 32 consecutive days on the top spot.

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Clash Royale replaced Pokemon GO on the throne of games after its latest updates recaptured the interest of users. The card battler’s appeal was reinforced with loads of new cards and a ton of other upgrades that make the game way more fun.

On the other hand, Pokemon GO has not received even a single meaningful update since its July launch. There was the Buddy update last week but that merely alters the game a little. Most of the improvements have been cosmetic in nature, adding nothing new to keep players excited.

Need For Update As Pokemon GO Fans Want More

Pokemon GO enthusiasts have been clamouring for features like trading and battling with other players but developer Niantic Labs has given no clear signal as to when and if these attractions may be added.

When Pokemon GO was launched, it was a revolution of sorts in the world of smartphone gaming. The game almost brought the lovable digital monsters alive by superimposing them on the actual surroundings of the player. Users were made to rush to different parts of the city to “catch ’em all,” and this even stirred the interest of non-gamers who found the game a fun way to get some exercise.

That was the story through July and August. Then came September 19 and Pokemon GO no longer remained the apple of iOS users’ eye.

The tournament-focussed update of Supercell’s Clash Royale has brought in some sweeping changes that have caught players’ attention. What’s more? The update is said to be only the first in a series that will add many more attractions.

Clash Royale‘s Exciting New Update

There is a new, more exciting tournament mode where users can unlock the top prize with 12 wins. They’re out if they lose thrice. They can enter the Classic and Grand Challenges if they win enough gems and then they have the opportunity to score much bigger.

Current tournaments have also been revamped. There are new gem prices and prizes to be won, plus a much simpler format.

The developer promises to release a new card every two weeks apart from the four new cards brought in by this update.

New chests and arena packs have also been added. Players can also engage with friends on the social tab. They are also given the option to watch as their friends battle it out.

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Not The End Of The Road For Pokemon GO

All these features may have spurred Clash Royale to the top spot for now but this in no way marks the end of the still popular Pokemon GO. The latter remains the fastest mobile game to make it to $500 million in revenues. Its tally of unique players crosses 500 million.

Niantic chief, John Hanke, has promised that the game will soon receive updates that bring in many new features. On the cards could be attractions like live events, battles between players, and next generation Pokemons. There is still a lot of ground Pokemon GO can cover.

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