‘Wizard Of Oz’ Prepares For 3D Conversion, Theatrical Release Expected Next Year

Director Victor Fleming’s The Wizard of Oz, which first debuted in theaters way back in 1939, is one of the next films slated for 3D conversion, according to Cinema Blend. In order to celebrate 90 years of motion picture bliss, the masterminds at Warner Bros. have put together a number of money-making packages designed to take advantage of the anniversary. For those who love classic movies and 3D technology, your day just got significantly brighter.

While Dorothy and her colorful companions in The Wizard of Oz are currently on-deck to receive some 3D love at the studio, a release date has not been set as of this writing. In addition to yet another version of the film on home video, the classic tale of a young girl’s adventure through a strange and magical world will also receive a limited theatrical run prior to its retail re-release. Expect the title to arrive sometime in 2013.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Wizard of Oz 3D conversion isn’t the only special edition Warner Bros. is preparing to unleash on Blu-ray. The company is also plotting to release a Clint Eastwood-oriented 40-film retrospective, a set the studio refers to as “the largest film collection devoted to an actor and director in the history of the business.”

Although the Clint Eastwood and Wizard of Oz special edition Blu-ray packages are sure to be a hit with movie buffs around the globe, the Warner Bros. 90th anniversary celebration doesn’t stop there. In addition to a handful of DVDs sets centered around various genres and award-winners, the studio also plans to release several Blu-ray gangster collections, a James Dean box set, and a handful of packages devoted to animation.

For hardcore movie buffs, Warner Bros. is also coughing up 100-film DVD sets and a few 50-film Blu-ray collections. If you need to fill several holes in your personal collection, here’s a fantastic albeit pricey way to accomplish your mission.

Are you excited about The Wizard Oz’s impending 3D conversion?