Is Apple’s iPhone 7 To Blame For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Problems?

Apple iPhone 7

Samsung is having a major problem with their latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. Several units have blown up on people. As BGR reports, Samsung has received the first of what will probably be many lawsuits.

“In the meantime, what will likely be an inevitable stream of Note 7 lawsuits has already begun. According to report from Reuters, a Florida man named Jonathan Strobel sued Samsung this past Friday after a Note 7 tucked away in his front pocket burned a hole through his pants.”

The article adds that Strobel reportedly experienced severe burns on his front leg along with a severe burn to his left thumb after trying to remove the device from his pocket. So far, there has been no response from Samsung to this particular lawsuit.

As Bloomberg points out, Apple is being indirectly blamed for Samsung’s current problems.

“As the launch date approached, employees at Samsung and suppliers stretched their work hours and made do with less sleep. Though it’s not unusual to have a scramble, suppliers were under more pressure than usual this time around and were pushed harder than by other customers, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The article adds that all of this happened because Samsung wanted to get the Note 7 out before Apple announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. There were rumors of a lot of disappointment with Apple’s newest smartphones, and Samsung certainly wanted to take advantage of the backlash. However, Samsung’s rushed efforts backfired in the worst way possible.

According to USA Today, Galaxy Note 7 owners are opting for refunds and iPhones. They refer to a survey that shows that nearly one-third of owners will opt for a refund rather than a replacement model. Twenty-six percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners said they would buy an iPhone from Apple. Twenty-one percent said they would choose a different Samsung phone. However, some of the comments after the article thought it was flawed.

“There is a critical flaw in this article. Anyone not exchanging they’re Note 7 for new Note 7 should have already gotten their refund & different phone,” says Keith Horn.

“THIS IS SO RETARDED. 2.5 million units sold, more people on the planet than that, and they took a survey of 507 people. What a joke,” claims Ethan Feilbach.

Those hoping to return their Galaxy Note 7 devices for an iPhone 7 Plus may be a little disappointed. The iPhone 7 Plus is nearly impossible to find. Mac Rumors has the news.

iPhone 7 Plus

“Customers relentless in their search for an iPhone 7 Plus have attempted to visit resellers like AT&T, Best Buy, and Target only to be disappointed, as supply of the 5.5-inch model is virtually nonexistent in any stores on launch day. Apple preemptively warned that demand would outstrip supply as usual, and it has not specified when iPhone 7 Plus and Jet Black availability will improve.”

However, shipping estimates for both the iPhone 7 and hard-to-find iPhone 7 Plus models have improved. Some people who were initially told they wouldn’t be able to get their new iPhone until the middle of October will now receive their phones at the end of September. Still, even if customers are impatient, they are not giving up. Several potential buyers have said they will wait. Many have hit the site, iStockNow, which shows what versions of the new iPhone are available and where people can purchase them.

Apple can afford a somewhat botched iPhone 7 launch. Not having phones available is not as bad as having phones that blow up in your face. Even though the iPhone 7 series isn’t a significant upgrade from 2015, Apple has clearly beat Samsung in the smartphone race in 2016.

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