Huge ‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Sonia Granados’ Niece Reveals If Nick And Sonia Split Or Stay Together

Sonia and Nick together

When it comes to the couples on Married at First Sight, everyone is curious to see if these marriages last or not. These couples don’t even know each other at all when they get married. Now, huge spoilers are out about if Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast stay together or not. Her niece, Sophia Lilly, made the mistake of revealing it all on the FYI Instagram page. Fans are pretty upset that she posted this spoiler, but now everyone knows if Sonia and Nick are together or not.

On a post that shows a picture of Nick and Sonia, her niece responded to fans. She says, “@soniagranados is my aunt and i think he was not right for her hes not really ‘husband material’????ya know, idk i wished the best for her and she got stuck with someone who would rather be maried to their dogs???? then a VERY beautiful woman????that actually cared for him. Smh I just want to say i love you auntie and im sorry it didnt work out…????”

Of course, some people don’t know if this is true or not, but the research has been done, and Sonia is really her aunt.

In the Instagram post above, you can see that Sophia posted a picture of Sonia and tagged her in it. Sonia even responds to her on the post telling her how much she loves her. It is obvious that this is her niece and that a huge spoiler just got out. She is only around 13-years-old, so she probably didn’t know better than to post this, but you know it will be coming down soon. Here is a screenshot just in case.

'MAFS' spoiler

The fans of Married at First Sight are very upset and responding to Sophia. A lot of people are considering not even watching the show the for the rest of the season due to this big Nick and Sophia spoiler. It just ruined the entire season of Married at First Sight for them.

It has been very obvious this season that Sophia is scared of dogs and that Nick loves his so much he isn’t willing to give them up. It does sound like this could be part of the reason that their relationship fell apart. Us Magazine shared that things will get pretty bad tonight for Sophia and Nick on the new episode.

Nick is seen talking to the camera and saying, “You tell me what you want me to open up about! I don’t like her. That’s opening up — I can’t open up any more than that. I don’t think she’s attractive, and I’m not attracted to her, and that is me opening up to the fullest f–king extent.”

It is obvious he is not happy, and later, Sonia is seen packing a suitcase to move out of their home, but only time will tell if she comes back.

As the Inquisitr shared not long ago, Sonia and Nick made fans think that they would stay together because of them both posting on their social networks about “Bye, Felicia” around the same time. It does sound like this might have been a coincidence like Nick said it was at the time. It really doesn’t look like Nick and Sonia are going to make it. It will be shocking if any of the couples makes it this season on Married at First Sight.

Are you shocked to hear that Sophia’s niece revealed this huge spoiler for MAFS? Do you think that Sonia and Nick will end up together anyway? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Tuesday nights on A&E and FYI.

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