Angelina Jolie-Pitt Divorce: ‘By The Sea’ Alcoholism, Cheating Scenes Offer Clues Why Brad And Angelina To Divorce [Spoilers]

Angelina Jolie-Pitt Divorce: 'By The Sea' Alcoholism, Cheating Scenes Offer Clues Why Brad And Jolie To Divorce

Now that it’s official that Angelina Jolie-Pitt has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, as reported by TMZ, speculation is rampant as to the reasons why Angelina would divorce Pitt. As reported by the publication, Jolie-Pitt did not cite any cheating reasons for her decision to divorce Brad. Instead, the entertainment website points to issues of substance abuse — potentially marijuana and alcohol use by Pitt — as to the reasons why Angelina might be divorcing Brad.

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If so, Angelina’s divorce decision falls right in line with the way the married couple depicted themselves in Pitt and Jolie-Pitt’s 2015 movie, By the Sea.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t yet grabbed the movie from YouTube or Redbox and don’t want to know what Angelina and Brad revealed about their marital troubles in the movie — leave this article open, go get it, watch it, then come right back and let’s talk divorce.

Now that everyone’s caught up and on the same page with Angelina and Brad’s movie marriage problems, one can see why Jolie would file for divorce from Pitt — if Jolie’s marriage to Brad was anything like the marriage depicted in the movie. Life often imitates arts and vice versa, with artists often giving details of their lives via their art. As Jay Z said about his marriage to Beyoncé, the husband and wife don’t often like to give interviews about their personal lives, since they already tell so many details about their relationship via their song lyrics.

By the Sea, which was notably directed by Angelina and also written by Jolie, reports IMDB, featured Brad and Angelina as a married couple from America who escaped to a French seaside resort to try and save their marriage. The troubles in their marriage become very clear, very soon. Pitt’s character loves to drink alcohol — and his alcoholism has a devastating effect on Jolie’s character.

It doesn’t help that the husband and wife played by Angelina and Brad are placed in the room right next to a newly married couple who sort of represent the younger, livelier, and sexier version of Jolie and Pitt. After all, remember those reports that surfaced around the time that Mr. & Mrs. Smith came out that claimed when Jolie and Pitt had sex in real life for the first time, they sounded like animals in the woods? Gawker has the play-by-play.

Well, with the movie version of the married couple, the older Angelina and Brad are relegated to watching the newly married younger couple get it on through a hole in the wall, instead of Pitt and Jolie-Pitt getting it on themselves. Jolie’s character won’t let Pitt’s character touch his own wife. When the drunkard of a husband played by Brad is drunk enough and bold enough to grab at Jolie’s frigid wife character, Pitt gets roundly rebuked. (There are times you can’t blame Angelina as the wife for using her long legs to kick Brad out of bed in the movie, because he’s a puking, smelly alcoholic.)

Although there are rumors that Pitt and Angelina’s divorce involved Marion Cotillard, as reported by the Inquisitr, the movie displayed Angelina as the wife with the wandering eye. An aging and beautiful one-time showgirl, Jolie-Pitt’s character still drew the eye of the young husband next door — and didn’t shy away from his affections. When Pitt as the poignant husband in the movie caught his wife as the one displayed through the peephole, allowing her blouse to be undone, he roundly grabbed his real-life wife away from the arms of another man.

“You don’t want him. You want me.”

Despite the big reveal and the somewhat happy ending, showing Brad’s character driving his movie wife away from the French resort that changed their marriage — real life appears to bode a divorce result for Angelina and Brad. The movie’s big conundrum was the fact that Jolie’s character couldn’t have children, which represented a large dilemma for the married couple — and seems quite ironic based on the large amount of children Brad and Angelina share. It’s that concern for their children that reportedly has prompted Jolie to seek a divorce from Pitt. It’s also ironic that Angelina would play a woman suffering from being “barren,” as Jolie’s character says in the film — something that Angelina may have briefly struggled with in real life, or imagined Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, may have experienced.

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In the top photo above, Pitt and Jolie pose with Arnon Milchan, head of Regency Enterprises, at the Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie premiere on June 7, 2005. More than 11 years later, Jolie-Pitt would file for divorce from Brad.

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