James Huling Gets No Vote From His Former Showmance After His Bad ‘Big Brother 18’ Game

James Huling is getting very little support from former Big Brother stars when it comes to taking home a coveted prize that could leave him $25,000 richer. Huling, who has managed to make his way to the Final 3 for Season 18, is not a favorite among past players to win the “America’s Favorite Houseguest” title. The AFG title comes with a $25,000 prize, and it could be awarded to any of the Season 18 players, including the winner.

While his Season 18 showmance, Natalie Negrotti, is currently in the Big Brother jury house, James Huling’s Season 17 showmance, Meg Maley, has already admitted that she voted for another man to take the prize that James has seemingly been playing for all season.

“Victor!” Maley told the Hollywood Reporter when asked who she voted for to win AFP.

“No, not James, hello! Victor has been evicted three times. I don’t know how you don’t give that boy credit. He’s also a hubba hubba!”

James Huling had a big crush on Meg Maley last season, and at one point he even jokingly asked her to marry him, so it is a bit of a surprise that she’s not giving him her vote for a coveted cash prize.


Maley went on to say she believes Paul Abrahamian deserves to win the entire Big Brother game. Once again, not James. Maley said over the course of the season, the once-polarizing Paul has now “totally charmed” her.

I’ve been rooting for Paul and Victor for a while now,” Meg admitted. “I feel like I’m betraying James, but I’m pretty confident he’ll make it in the final two so he’s got a little 50 grand going for him! “


Maley isn’t the only Big Brother alum who didn’t vote for James to win the $25,000 prize. Fan favorite all-star player Janelle Pierzina told THR that she voted for Victor three times, and she says it’s “messed up” if he doesn’t win it.

In the same THR interview, ousted BB18 contestant Frank Eudy said he thinks James may have lost some fans this season. Indeed, Huling spent more time following Natalie around like a puppy dog than he did strategizing or forming relationships with the rest of the houseguests.


“People who were big fans of James last season, a lot of them aren’t as big of fans of his this season,” Eudy said.

The general consensus is that James Huling will make it to the Final 2 because both Abrahamian and Nicole Franzel know they can beat him when it comes to the jury votes, so either one of them would be foolish not to take him.

Out of the final three this season there’s one person who’s going to be in the final two and that’s James,” said Huling’s Season 17 co-star Johnny McGuire, aka rock’ n’ roll dentist, Johnny Mac. “If I were them I would drag James to the final two. Nobody is going to vote for James to win besides Natalie.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Big Brother host Julie Chen pointed out that James has not proven himself to be good at competitions this season. Chen even said she’s not sure that James deserves to be in the Final 3, and he has put “the least amount of effort” into this season’s game.

“I definitely don’t think he was playing to win Big Brother!” Chen told THR.

“He really disappointed me in his gameplay. He gave away an HoH; he won [only] one. He wasn’t as fierce of a competitor. He was just there for sh**s and giggles, to be honest. Was he playing for America’s Favorite Houseguest? No, because that would imply him being a little bit duplicitous or phony… He’s an all-around nice guy. He was just being him.”

Which is, by the way, the biggest mistake you can make in Big Brother.

Take a look at the video below to see James Huling talking about his plans for Big Brother 18.

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