‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Jackson And April Back Together? Shonda Rhimes Weighs In [Sneak Peek]

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Spoilers: Jackson And April Back Together? Shonda Rhimes Weighs In [Featured Image via ABC]

Japril fans might have a reason to celebrate when Grey’s Anatomy returns for Season 13. With the season premiere only days away, creator Shonda Rhimes hinted that Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) have a future.

Will they get back together in Season 13?

According to Australian Network News, Rhimes revealed that Jackson and April will take a hard look at their options next season, including whether or not their romance is still alive.

“[April and Jackson will explore] in a much lighter way, what it means to be uncoupled, to be divorced and to have a kid, and how you do that?” Rhimes shared. “They’re going to really try to do this in a healthy way, and is that healthy way going to feel so healthy when they still have feelings for each other?”

During the Season 12 finale, fans watched as April gave birth to Jackson’s child. Ever since the baby was born, fans haven’t let go of the idea that Jackson and April could get back together. Unfortunately, April and Jackson were also getting ready to finalize their divorce, and Catherine’s arrival didn’t help things.

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Jackson and April getting back together?

Despite the obstacles, it sounds like April and Jackson might rekindle their romance next season, but only if they remain civil. If they start fighting about everything in the past, then there’s no telling what will happen.

Whatever takes place, Melty is reporting that the season opener will feature the characters enjoying the successful birth of their new daughter. Will they turn this moment of happiness into something long lasting?

According to Cinema Blend, this lighter tone is a welcome change of pace for April and Jackson, who have faced a number of dramatic events during their time on Grey’s Anatomy.

The characters started out as friends, but their friendship quickly turned into a romance after Lexi’s death. In fact, April was set to marry Paramedic Matt when Jackson came through and stopped the ceremony while April was at the altar.

April and Jackson have had a rocky marriage from the start on 'Grey's Anatomy.' [Image via ABC]

Fans then watched as their romance went through just about every phase of a relationship. The two have broken up, made up, got married, and lived through two pregnancies — the first one ending in the devastating loss of the baby.

In fact, their latest pregnancy was one reason why their marriage hit a rough patch in recent seasons, though it now sounds like that might turn around with the birth of their daughter.

While they have been through a good share of difficult times, April and Jackson managed to co-parent during their separation and even worked together at Grey Sloan Memorial. Now, it looks like their relationship is about to take another turn, hopefully for the better.

According to Hall of Fame Magazine, photos from the coming season hint Jackson and April will work things out. Given their complicated past, fans can only hope that things between Jackson and April end on a happy note.

Meanwhile, fans can expect Season 13 to focus on the show’s original cast members. This includes the likes of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Webber (James Pickens Jr.), and Alex (Justin Chambers).

This focus is likely one reason why April and Jackson’s story will be lighter this season. With the rest of the cast members experiencing the heavy drama, the series will need something lighter to mix things up.

Whether or not this means that April and Jackson will re-connect this season is yet to be seen.

Fans can watch the drama unfold and find out if Japril becomes a reality when Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on ABC on September 22. Check out a sneak peek below.

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