‘Big Brother’ 18 Spoilers: Live Feeds Show Paul, Nicole, James Preparing For F2

Big Brother 18 spoilers have surfaced thanks to the live feeds ahead of Wednesday night’s finale. Fans that follow the Big Brother live feeds have been watching the final three houseguests — Paul, Nicole, and James — try to prepare for the biggest decision of the game so far: Who will be in the Final 2?

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many Big Brother fans believe that Paul will make it to the F2 without an issue. If that’s the case, it is believed that he will take Nicole with him and that he will end up having enough votes to win — but it will be close. Many fans agree that choosing James is a smarter choice for Paul and would pretty much guarantee him $50,000 (second place takes home $50,000).

Big Brother 18 spoilers have not indicated which two people will be in the F2, but the live feeds have shown that things might not go down as planned. Fans were quick to notice James eavesdropping on a discussion that Paul and Nicole were having in the backyard of the Big Brother house. Obviously, he knows that he would need to get on Paul’s good side (really fast) if he has any real shot at winning, assuming that Paul is going to be the Head of Household going into the finale. Or James could go after Nicole and hope for a twist in presumed events, which seemed to be his plan.

Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed that Paul and Nicole were the winners of the last challenge and that they will go head-to-head to battle it out for HOH this week. The winner will get to choose whom to bring with them to the F2 — and that’s huge; the F2 will be guaranteed a paycheck at the end of all of this.

While Paul seems to be the clear projected winner, there is always a chance that Nicole could pull this off. If Nicole did win the final HOH challenge, she would have to choose between Paul and James for the F2. If she chooses Paul, she will have a harder time coming out on top at the end. If she chooses James, she may have an easier time and many feel that it would be the smarter move for her.

If you watched the Big Brother 18 live feeds this week, you probably know that James was chatting up Nicole quite a bit. He was asking her about previously houseguests (namely Frankie Grande). The two then talked about Caleb before Nicole went outside to talk with Paul. It does seem obvious that James is trying to figure out if he has any kind of shot at the F2 at this point — and it really doesn’t look good for him. Unless Paul is playing a sneaky game and has a completely different plan in his head than what he’s telling Nicole.

Hey, anything could happen on Big Brother, right?

Big Brother 18 spoilers have been abundant this season. Since people have to subscribe to the live feeds, not everyone gets to see what’s going on in the Big Brother house when the show isn’t airing. The people that do watch the feeds tend to post information in discussion groups online and eventually, everyone is clued in.

To recap: Big Brother 18 finale will air tomorrow night on CBS. The 90-minute episode will play out for all to see. The consensus is that Paul will win the final challenge and that he will take Nicole with him to the F2. Regardless, if Nicole ends up winning, it seems like she’s going to take Paul as her choice despite James’ efforts to chat her up at the house this week.

Who do you want to see win Big Brother 18?

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