WWE News: Emma Frustrated With WWE, Claims She Was Medically Cleared For WWE Return Six Weeks Ago


Before Wrestlemania 32, Emma was brought to the main roster from NXT after completely revamping her character in WWE developmental over the past year. Her partnership with Dana Brooke saw great results on NXT, so WWE officials thought it was the right time for her to be brought back to the main roster.

Emma got through Wrestlemania, and it seemed like her WWE career was headed into the glory days after essentially reinventing herself as a strong heel in WWE’s Women’s division. Dana Brooke was brought to the main roster, and her alliance with Emma was set to continue on Raw and SmackDown. Unfortunately, Emma went down with a serious back injury in May that put her on the shelf until the present day.

Dana Brooke aligned with the current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte while Emma has been on the mend. Recently, there have been rumblings about Emma’s recovering entering the final days and her return to WWE was said to be imminent. However, some frustration has been expressed by Emma, and there seems to be a lot more going on backstage about Emma’s return to WWE television than what we knew about.


Emma doesn’t have the same drawing factor as many of WWE’s do, but she is on an elite list of performers that have the advanced skills to tell a story in the ring. Simply put, she is one of WWE’s most underutilized women in recent memory. Her personal issues getting in the way of her progression in the company were well documented a few years ago, but she’s invented herself with NXT and come back a stronger performer.

This year, Emma suffered a back injury that slowed down her advancement in WWE, but now there may be a lot more going on backstage surrounding the injury that is holding back her return to WWE television. It is being reported that Emma was medically cleared to return to the ring and WWE programming as long as six weeks ago. However, she has been left waiting because no one is pulling the trigger on her return.

Emma got hurt before the WWE Draft and brand split, so she remains “undrafted” as of this writing. Before she can return to WWE television, the decision has to be made if she’ll go to Raw or SmackDown. She could find a spot on their brand. Dana Brooke is on Raw, but SmackDown is a much better fit for her. No doubt that deciding which brand she should go to is a complex choice, but it shouldn’t take six weeks to make.


WWE officials may have some concerns about her back, so they’re keeping her out of the ring for a little while longer. Another possibility is Emma will be heading to Raw. The powers that be may be waiting until after WWE Clash of Champions to bring her back because the WWE Women’s title match is full already.

Dana Brooke has taken a lot of abuse from Charlotte recently, and she appears to be on the verge of breaking out from under her thumb and entering a major feud with her “mentor.” Emma could find a place in that feud, and there is a lot of potential in Charlotte vs. Emma that hasn’t be featured on WWE programming yet.

It’s being reported by Cage Side Seats that Emma is more likely to return to SmackDown and provide an extra boost to the brand’s Women’s division. She’d make a great opponent for Becky Lynch and be great in helping the younger performers get over on SmackDown. The point is that if Emma is waiting by the phone for WWE to call, they’re missing many great chances for Emma to become the star she deserves to be.

[Image via WWE.com]