Kate Gosselin: Engaged Ex, Jeff Prescott, Wanted Out Of The Spotlight

Kate Gosselin’s engaged ex-boyfriend hasn’t been seen with the infamous Kate Plus 8 matriarch for about a year now. On Monday, news emerged that the ex in question, 53-year-old millionaire Jeff Prescott, has recently become engaged to his current girlfriend, 27-year-old Jenna Sabacheuskaya.

Kate Gosselin and Jeff Prescott started dating in January of 2015 and split that September, spending only eight months together as a couple. At the time, reports surrounding their breakup centered on Jeff’s hesitance to be filmed for various scenes in Kate’s long-running TLC reality show, Kate Plus 8.

Now, Gosselin has seemingly been one-upped by a much younger woman in a bid for Prescott’s affection. Immediately after Kate and Jeff’s breakup, rumors began swirling that Prescott, the co-founder and COO of photo agency Dreamstime, had already begun dating the now-engaged Jenna Sabacheuskaya.

TV personality Kate Gosselin attends the Barnstable Brown Derby party at the 2011 Kentucky Derby.
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In an exclusive story from Radar Online, the engaged Kate Gosselin ex shared the news regarding his new fiancee. The engaged ex-beau of Gosselin’s refuted that Kate’s children had anything to do with their 2015 split, stating that he is currently engaged to a woman who can allow him some cherished privacy.

“I was fine with Kate’s eight children, but I was uncomfortable with the spotlight. The eventual deal breaker was the unwanted attention to my private life that I cherish.”

The Hollywood Gossip claimed that Jeff’s post-Kate Gosselin engagement is “another devastating blow” to the 41-year-old Kate Plus 8 star. The Hollywood Gossip described the newly-engaged Sabacheuskaya as a “Belarus-born business major,” indicating the new fiancee’s Eastern European origin.

In the aforementioned Radar piece, Mr. Prescott makes clear that he and Ms. Gosselin have not spoken to each other since they ceased being a couple late last year.

“Neither of us has made an effort to reach out.”

Apparently, Kate Gosselin was never engaged to Prescott. Their short, months-long relationship was reportedly marred by Kate’s frequent need to film new Kate Plus 8 material with her famed brood and Jeff’s reluctance to be made a part of Gosselin’s expansive media empire. As he told Radar Online in the above report, he now “couldn’t be happier” to be engaged to his new sweetheart, Jenna Sabacheuskaya.

Kate Gosselin visits Raw Dog Comedy's 'The Phone Show' at SiriusXM Studio in 2011.
Kate Gosselin in 2011. [Andy Kropa/Getty Images]

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, new reports of Kate Gosselin’s child neglect recently came to the surface based on excerpted passages from her 2010 book, I Just Want You to Know. Reportedly, Gosselin at one time dressed her eight children in garbage bags and repeatedly ignored their health needs.

Kate’s former spouse and one-time TV partner on the formerly titled Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin, has also had his share of troubles this year. Contemporary reports state that Jon is currently estranged from his kids. Further, Mr. Gosselin recently had to leave a part-time position at restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s, citing the intense media scrutiny surrounding his employ as detrimental to the food preparation job.

In a report this summer from Entertainment Tonight, Jon Gosselin spoke on his love for cooking and his happiness with the T.G.I. Friday’s gig. Claiming that he “only work[ed] there 8 hours a week, because I like to do it,” Jon recalled the paparazzi activity surrounding his cooking occupation and its impetus to his restaurant resignation.

“I see the picture and I’m wondering who leaked it. They don’t really understand how it works. How many people it affects and the chain reaction.”

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