Beanie Sigel Defends Meek Mill In His Feud With The Game In New Remix Diss Track ‘OOOUUU’

Beanie Sigel Defends Meek Mill In His Feud With The Game

Meek Mill is feuding again and this time, it’s with rapper The Game. Meek isn’t alone, though, and he didn’t have to look outside his own hometown to find an ally. Last week, the Philadelphia rapper joined forces with Beanie Sigel to release a new collaboration that seemed to take several shots at The Game, with whom Meek has been feuding pretty heavily lately. In return, The Game fired right back, responding to the new diss track with an Instagram post aimed at both of the rappers.

XXL Mag reports that Meek Mill posted a video several days ago that featured himself and Beanie Sigel. In it, he raps a few lines that seem to be aimed directly at The Game, furthering their already raging feud. In the clip, Beanie reportedly rapped, “Whole clip will get showered/One phone call I’m in L.A. in three hours/Please don’t bring me out of retirement.”

After Beanie Sigel’s bars, Meek can be heard laughing out loud at the impromptu rhyme. Now the ongoing feud with The Game has been brought back to life, and it looks like Meek may be starting yet another rap feud that has the potential to bury him in obscurity.

According to the report, Meek Mill’s feud with The Game stems from an incident back in June. It was at a Los Angeles club where Sean Kingston’s jewelry was stolen, and Meek happened to be there when it wall went down. Apparently, Meek told police that Kingston’s jewelry was lifted by someone in The Game’s camp, causing the L.A. rapper to come at Meek with accusations that he was a rat.

The Meek Mill-The Game feud reignited on Thursday night when, according to Billboard, The Game stopped in the middle of a set at Club Story in Miami to talk about how Meek Mill snitched on him. It turns out the pause was a setup for The Game’s new diss track called “92 Bars.”

“Ever since that n***a snitched on me, we just don’t speak,” The Game rapped. “See, that s**t you got with Drake was like a slow leak / Blood will be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek / Nicki won’t get no sleep / I’m coming through at 4 a.m. / Four deep / Leave his dead body on his soaked sheets.”

The release of The Game’s diss track sparked an online feud that went back and forth between the two rappers for most of the weekend.

It seems that Meek Mill learned a thing or two from the big L he took during his feud with Drake and released his own diss track much faster than he did during his last feud. On Sunday night, Meek dropped a remix of Young M.A.’s “Ever since that n—a snitched on me, we just don’t speak,” the Compton MC raps, later adding, “OOOUUU.” Beanie Sigel is present on the latest diss track along with Omelly and Takbar.

In the “OOOUUU” remix, Meek Mill brings up some of The Game’s old feuds, including an issue he had previously with 50 Cent as well as Young Thug and Lil Durk. He also took shots at the Compton rapper over a picture that doesn’t ever seem to disappear and made reference to The Game as a stripper.

The Game didn’t waste any time responding to Meek’s diss and blasted the Philadelphia rapper and his hometown ally Beanie Sigel in an Instagram post of a picture of a dead rat. In the caption of the rat post, The Game called Meek Mill out for snitching on his crew over the Sean Kingston robbery. He also referred to Beanie Sigel as a “sherm head” and suggested that the rapper checks himself into rehab, also providing the address of a Philadelphia treatment center in the rant. Several hours later, The Game posted another Instagram diss where he claims that Nicki Minaj writes Meek Mill’s diss tracks.

It looks like the feud between Meek Mill and The Game is really starting to heat up. With Meek stepping up the timing on his return fire, is there a chance that he might win this one? Tell us what you think of the back to back diss tracks and weekend-long social media feud in the comments section below.

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