Justin Bieber Gal Pal Sofia Richie Copies Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Style Amid Cheating Claims

Do Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber have an "open" relationship?

Justin Bieber has been enjoying short-term relationships ever since he and Selena Gomez split, going from one girlfriend, such as teen model Hailey Baldwin, to the other, such as reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian. But his new gal pal, Sofia Richie, seems undaunted by her boyfriend’s past. Instead, Richie recently showed off her modeling skills by channeling Kim Kardashian.

Sofia slipped into a swimsuit to pose for a Kardashian-style selfie, noted the Daily Mail. At 18, the daughter of Lionel Richie hasn’t quite achieved Kim’s level of fame, but she did her best to flaunt her fashion choice.

And while the Biebs has exited Instagram, Sofia is alive and well on social media, sharing photos of herself in all sorts of outfits. At 18, Richie has appeared in fashion magazines, including Elle, Vogue China, and Vanity Fair Italy, and garnered attention for her recent success in Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week show for Yeezy Season 4 on September 7.

Sofia Richie has become a rising star in the competitive world of modeling.

But reports have indicated some issues in the relationship between the Biebs and Richie, with one claiming that her famous father, Lionel, is upset and another alleging that Justin and Sofia have an open relationship that allows the Biebs to cheat.

An insider told OK! Magazine that Bieber is dreading meeting Richie’s father because Lionel is angry. The couple has been piling on the PDA, and that has upset Sofia’s father, said the source.

“Lionel’s furious at how out of control Sofia’s gotten. Seeing her all over Justin was a nightmare.”

And although the Biebs is famous for acting tough, the insider revealed that the “Sorry” singer “hates any kind of confrontation.”

Gossip Cop investigated a similar allegation that Lionel is furious with his daughter for dating the Biebs and upset with Sofia’s reportedly “out of control” behavior. The claims came from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which alleged that the lovebirds were causing the music legend to be worried that Justin is a bad influence on Richie.

Moreover, the media outlet claims that Bieber used his teenage girlfriend, alleging that he was “caught dating several other women” such as Bronte Blampied. But Gossip Cop’s investigation found no evidence that Sofia is “out of control” or that the singer was cheating and caught with other gal pals.

Did Justin Bieber cheat on Sofia Richie?

However, OK! cites an insider who revealed that Bieber has demanded that he can cheat and wants an open relationship with Richie. That means Sofia can’t hope for an exclusive relationship regardless of how long they’re together, because the Biebs’ dating style reportedly avoids monogamy, clarified the source.

The 22-year-old pop prince explained to 18-year-old Richie that he enjoys dating a variety of women at the same time, added the insider. Consequently, as long as Sofia agrees to go with the flow, she reportedly can stay on his list of alternating girlfriends.

Does it work both ways, with Richie allowed to pick and choose from guy pals on her own dating roster? Not according to the source, who revealed that Bieber does not permit his girlfriends to become involved with other guys.

“This is classic Justin, he’s free to hook up with other girls, but if Sofia so much as looked at another guy he’d go ballistic.”

However, despite that one-sided open relationship, the source also revealed that Richie is content with the agreement that she can’t expect a non-exclusive romance. Her friends, though, are reportedly concerned that she is the one conceding.

“She’s totally under his spell and thinks he walks on water. Whatever Justin wants from her, he gets,” added the insider. “If he says jump she says how high, nothing is up for debate with him and never has been – it’s his way or the highway.”

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