‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Pleads For Understanding And RJ Shakes Things Up

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that big moments are on the way with Monday’s show. Eric and Quinn are planning to get married, but the rest of the Forrester family is determined to put a stop to this union. Bill and Brooke are also planning to tie the knot, but her son RJ may become an issue when it comes to these nuptials happening. What else is set to happen during the September 19 show?

RJ was not happy to hear that Brooke was planning to marry Bill, and he decided to do what he could to put a stop to this union. He went to visit Bill and made his feelings known, but will his wishes have an impact on the impending nuptials? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Steffy and Thomas will catch wind of RJ’s feelings, and they will worry that this could torpedo the plans they have to get ahold of Bill’s shares of Forrester Creations.


Brooke will talk with RJ about the situation, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that he will plead with his mother not to marry Bill. He will tell her that he thinks this would ruin their family, but viewers will also see Bill telling Brooke that things are all in place for them to go ahead and get hitched. Which man in her life will be left feeling disappointed as this all plays out?

Quinn will be feeling exasperated that people will not give her a chance to prove that she has changed, voicing frustrations to Eric that nobody makes an effort to see how they really are as a couple. Despite Quinn’s concerns, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Eric will continue to insist that he wants to marry her. In fact, he is said to make a move of some sort related to her and as the week plays out, viewers will see the event begin to come together.

Soap Central reveals that Eric will be sending an email to Ridge that really shakes things up, so it sounds as if this is likely the major move referenced in the Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday’s show. Eric is standing firm in his determination to marry Quinn and family loyalties will be tested in big ways this week. Teasers note that both Thorne and Felicia will be back for a time as this Forrester battle escalates, but they may not be taking Ridge’s side as he anticipates.



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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that later in the week, Quinn will try to talk with both Wyatt and Steffy to gain support and nudge them back to one another, but it doesn’t sound as if she will make any progress. There is some action with Ivy on the way over the next few episodes as well, and it doesn’t sound as if she will be backing down from her schemes at all either. The big wedding is on the horizon, but it seems unlikely that this will go smoothly. Will Eric and Quinn get married or will this situation fall apart due to all of the scheming by other family members?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that this will be a big week of action as wedding plans lead to chaos, and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action that is on the way. Will Eric and Quinn as well as Bill and Brooke end up married, or will these anticipated unions explode as family members push against the plans and go to great lengths to get their way?


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