‘Teen Mom OG’ Rumors: Farrah Abraham’s Surgeon Says Her Butt Is ‘Too Good To Fix’

Whenever the latest Teen Mom OG rumors come out, they’re almost inevitably involving Farrah Abraham, who, when she isn’t being a questionable mother, is getting some questionable plastic surgery. And while it’s a pity that even the best surgery can’t fix her lousy personality and even more horrid parenting skills, the latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors suggest that Farrah Abraham’s doctor thinks that there’s a part of her that’s already absolutely perfect, and doesn’t need any fixing!

This news comes to us courtesy of Starcasm, who spoke to Farrah’s doctor for their latest Teen Mom OG rumors report. Apparently unaware of any sort of HIPAA laws that protect his patient’s privacy — no matter how odious that patient is — Dr. Andrew Ordon, best known for his work on The Doctors, told Abraham — and the viewing audience — that her butt is just too good to fix.

“You’ve always had a nice backside and I know that you do exercise to keep it in shape and my recommendation is you keep on doing what you’re doing and specifically come up with some exercises to target the upper part of the gluteal muscles.”

Other Teen Mom OG rumors about Farrah Abraham have her dear “friends” talking about her other body parts, too. In Blasting News‘ latest reported Teen Mom OG rumors, Farrah’s on-again, off-again whatever he is (boyfriend? friend with benefits? special buddy?) Simon Saran has dished on Abraham’s lady-parts and, more specifically, what she does with them in the bedroom. Saran admits that while much of Farrah’s on-camera persona is fake, one thing that is consistent both onscreen and off-screen is that Farrah is selfish. She’s also particularly selfish in the bedroom, and Saran claims that her “it’s all about me” attitude extends to their sex life.

And though Saran hasn’t confirmed — or denied — the Teen Mom OG rumors surrounding their coupledom (or lack thereof), he said that it’s very hard to be in a relationship with someone like Farrah because she’s extremely unstable at times (you don’t say, Simon…) and because being a single mother to a daughter is very difficult, no matter how much money the hit MTV show — or her sex tape — brings in. Saran also said that there have been times that Farrah “did what she had to do” to survive.

Teen Mom OG Rumors
Farrah Abraham is often the subject of many Teen Mom OG rumors, and today's report is no different. [Photo by mpi04/MediaPunch/IPX]

Never one to let the latest Teen Mom OG rumors about her pass by unanswered, Farrah Abraham struck back at these latest reports about her questionable parenting and selfish, non-loving ways. Abraham recently sat down with OK! Magazine to address Simon Saran’s statements about her, and needless to say, she was less than happy with what he had to say!

Despite the fact that she treated the man she called her boyfriend (contrary to Saran’s claims) to a trip to Hawaii, Farrah felt that his “super negative” ways killed the whole vibe of the trip.


“Simon always wants to go on trips with us so I decided to have that opportunity to come if he wanted to spend time with us and to show if you want to be involved or if you don’t, and he just really broke up the good vibes of Hawaii.”

Previous Teen Mom OG rumors confirmed that Abraham hasn’t been happy with Saran, and how he’s treated both her and Sophia because, after all, if it isn’t all about her, who else could it be about?

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