The Best, Worst Dressed On 2016 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

The Emmy Awards are always a night of splendor, high heels, fancy frocks, and general fashion critique.

The best dressed: Blake Lively, Kristen Bell, Emilia Clarke, Sofia Vergara, and Priyanka Chopra.

While obviously many women stood out in all their fashionable glory, the media cannot get enough of these women in particular. Their dress, hair, and makeup choices helped them stand out on the red carpet, and so they have to have a spot in this article.

Blake Lively shone tonight, according to Hollywood Life, who said that she knows how to own a red carpet. The Gossip Girls and Age of Adaline star donned a deep plunging red A-line dress. The plunge was mirrored at the back of the dress, but the actress’s slim and fit figure matched the style perfectly. Priyanka Chopra also brought some sass and class to the carpet in a vibrant red dress. Both she and Lively wore their hair pulled tightly back, accentuating their facial features.

Kristen Bell and Emilia Clarke brought some nude flare back to the carpet. Bell wore a low-plunge ball gown with vibrant and elaborate embroidery over the top of a champagne nude gown. The Boston Globe noted that, yes, Bell’s dress maybe verged on overly elaborate.

“Kristen Bell’s dress was a bit of a meringue — flouncy, floral, and just a bit reminiscent of something Scarlett O’Hara wore.”

However, the news source admitted that the actress takes the win for “most gorgeous gown of the night.”

“Keeping the look from being too prim and proper, Bell’s slightly mussed and edgy locks. Her stylist deserved an Emmy.”

Emilia Clarke’s nude dress instead took a figure-fitting turn, with a tight but elegant beaded beauty that matched her splendidly.

An arguable topic is the subject of Sofia Vergara choice. Vergara wore a blush gown with a river of silver beading cascading down the side. While many media sites are loving her choice, others–like USA Today–were underwhelmed.

“It’s fine, but anything Vergara could put on her gorgeous body would probably be fine. We’re getting a bit of déjà vu on the silhouette, which is her favorite, but with none of the striking color she’s worn before.”

As the Inquisitr noted last year, Vergara favors this style, fit, and color–are some people jut ready to see her mix it up?

Worst Dressed: Anna Chlumsky, Amy Poehler, Gwendoline Christie, Alia Shawkat, and Gaby Hoffman.

Anna Chlumsky was particularly targeted by USA Today, who noted that the gown was “certainly a risk.”

“We have to applaud the Veep star for leaving nothing on the Emmys dressing table. But from the color (so close to her skin tone) to the fit (it does nothing to highlight her figure) and the overall volume (so.much.fabric.), the whole thing didn’t work for our favorite presidential aide.”

While it’s true that the dress was not the most flattering on her, her pointed silver heels were “on point” (pun intended).


Amy Poehler probably had the least appealing dress, which The Boston Globe noted with vigor.

“[Start] with the color, a hue best described as Dusty Sleestak. Then there was the style, long and shapeless with a glittering, built-in rain poncho. No question about it: She deserved better, and she’s definitely worn better.”

Poehler truly has “worn better” than the green gown she picked for this year’s Emmy Awards.

Gwendoline Christie’s Little Black Dress was just fine–except for maybe the ruffle on the back. Again, Christie–like Poehler–deserved something better and could easily have pulled off a full-length beauty but instead went for the LBD.

Alia Shawkat and Gaby Hoffman went for what USA Today called childish looks–Shawkat in a “maxi” that looks like it might have been bought at Charlotte Russe and Hoffman in what the news source called a “nightgown.” Well, there’s always next year.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]