'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood': Shanda Fights Willie Taylor's Mistress Kyesha

In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Willie Taylor's marriage is on the rocks after his mistress came forward with evidence of an affair.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

The mistress Kyesha went to a club where Shanda was supposed to perform and sang a song of her own.

She taunts Shanda about her affair with Willie Taylor before attacking her. They are eventually separated by security; however, the incident was the last straw for Shanda.

Shand tells Willie that she wants her space in a letter. Taylor is going to have to fight to save his marriage during this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Kyesha first surfaced with text messages from Willie and he immediately denied it was him. He later admitted to the cheating allegations.

According to Fameolous, Kyesha contacted the showrunner for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood with the evidence that Willie Taylor was cheating on Shanda.

"Mona Scott was contacted by a young lady from Chicago who said she has been dating Willie Taylor since he was in an R&B group Quiet Storm. Same time he was in a relationship with Shanda, his now wife. Mona flew the mistress to LA to interview her and agreed to put her on the show. Mona came to Willie and Shanda and told them there's a woman from his past that he had a relationship with who agreed to be on the show. That's when Willie had to tell his wife he cheated on her. On the finale of the show, Shanda packs up and leave Willie. They aren't together any longer. She is back in Chicago!"
Recent Instagram pics suggest that the couple may be in a cordial relationship. However, it cannot be confirmed that they reconciled after filming Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Shanda Denyce wants to focus on her music career this season. In Season 2, she went back to stripping when Willie was struggling to make ends meet.

Willie Taylor was a contestant in Making the Band 4 and he was chosen by Puff Daddy to be the main singer in Day 26.

In an interview when asked about potentially signing with Diddy again Taylor responded:

"If, Diddy was to come with an offer to sign me today — as long as the business is right, I don't have no problem. As long as, the paperwork, the black & white reads what we talked about, then i'm cool with it — I don't care who the deal is with. But now, my mind is in a different place where I will never be in the position for someone to use me through music again."

Teairra Marí was with Shanda when Kyesha attacked her. She was held back by security when she tried to defend her friend. Teairra stated that she was inspired to relaunch her career after watching Shanda perform.

It is unclear whether the singer is in a relationship in this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood after her conflict with Ray J and Yung Berg last season.

In an interview, Shanda and Willie admit that they have cheated on each other in the past but they move on due to their friendship and ability to forgive each other.

"Like, if she does something, I can find it in my heart to forgive her. She's a human being and we make mistakes…and I know I have put her through some stuff were she should have been cut my head off. But she stuck there with me. I cheated [Willie] … I cheated too [Shanda]."

Watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood on Mondays to find out how the Kyesha love triangle ends up affecting Shande and Willie's marriage.

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