Green Day Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong Searches For An 'Ordinary World' [Video]

In 2012, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong committed himself to dealing with his drug abuse and the mental illness resulting from the use of those narcotics by seeking out a treatment center. It's taken Armstrong some time to get back on top of his game, but, now that Billie Joe has licked his addiction, he's ready to once again share his talents with the world. Starring in his first feature film with Ordinary World and preparing to unleash a brand new Green Day album, Revolution Radio, Armstrong is ready to take on the world with a renewed fury.

Ordinary World Proves Billie Joe Armstrong Is An Extraordinary Talent

While Billie Joe isn't untested when it comes to acting, possessing a smattering of acting credits that includes a guest voice spot on The Simpsons and playing himself in the This is 40 short film, but Entertainment Weekly reveals Ordinary World will be Armstrong's first outing as the leading man in a full-length feature film. The Green Day singer turned actor is joined in Ordinary World by names both familiar and new. Also appearing in the film are Selma Blair, Judy Greer, Chris Messina, Fred Armisen, Dallas Roberts, Kevin Corrigan, Brian Baumgartner, and Madisyn Shipman.

Ordinary World places Armstrong in a tale that may not be entirely unfamiliar to the Green Day lead, casting him as a former musician, a leftover punk rock icon, who finds himself facing the harsh realities of family life and a mundane job at a local hardware store. Feeling forgotten and alone, after both his wife and daughter miss his birthday, Billie Joe's character turns to his brother, who provides comfort in the form of a getaway to New York City, where a raging, non-stop party ensues.

Billie Joe Armstrong pulls double duty for Ordinary World. In addition to playing the leading man, Armstrong also worked on the soundtrack. In the above teaser for Ordinary World, the film's theme song, written by the Green Day artist, can be heard throughout the clip.

Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong Admits His World Was 'Unraveling'

Up until he checked into a treatment facility in 2012, Stuff reveals that Billie Joe Armstrong thought he was living a completely normal life, even though he was high on drugs much of the time. While writing three albums, one right after the other, added to his compulsion with drugs and booze, Armstrong says he had already thrown himself into a downward spiral with his life and his sanity rapidly "unraveling" out of control.

"The thing about someone who's losing their mind is that they don't know they're losing their mind. I thought my life was completely normal," said the Green Day lead singer. "And it wasn't. I was on drugs! And people aren't acting rationally when they're on drugs."

Billie Joe ultimately reached a point at which he could no longer deny his need for treatment, so he set about seeking help from professionals capable of aiding him in getting clean. It wasn't easy, but Armstrong stuck with it and forced himself to fight through the withdrawals and urges until he felt confident enough to return to a life outside of the facility.

Looking at the world with fresh eyes, Billie Joe says he now feels a little embarrassed by those three albums he pushed out, while still on his drug and alcohol binges. They did well enough, climbing into the top 20 of the Billboard 200 chart, but Armstrong says there's a reason each of those three Green Day albums performed steadily worse.

"Those records have absolutely no direction to them. It was about being prolific for the sake of it. So we were just going and going and going," says Armstrong.

That's in the past now and the Ordinary World actor hopes to make it up to his music fans with the release of Green Day's new album, Revolution Radio, which is set to hit stores on October 7. An international tour is to follow with details forthcoming.

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