Richard Belzer Gives Nazi Salute, Insults Fox News During Bizarre Interview [Video]

Richard Belzer isn’t a fan of Fox News.

The Law & Order star appeared on Fox 5 this morning to promote the new season of his show. But Belzer couldn’t manage to hold in his contempt for Fox News throughout the entire interview.

Belzer ended up talking about anal sex, molestation, and Nazis today during a pretty simple, and friendly, interview.

During the show, the female anchor read an email question suggesting that the male anchor, David Price, should play Belzer’s brother on the show.

A typical response would have gone something like this: “Oh, wouldn’t that be fun.”

But Belzer said “If he gets molested and banged in the ass, maybe. I meant banged against a piece of furniture.”

Belzer continued with some offensive humor after his bizarre comment and gave the Nazi salute, saying:

“Say HEIL to all your colleagues at the other division.”

Belzer’s rep released a statement to TMZ saying that the Nazi salute was a “satirical gesture toward Fox News … whose ideology he is opposed to.” The rep also said that Belzer’s joke about Price being raped on Law & Order was about the graphic nature of his show and not an insult toward Price.

Belzer’s rep said:

“The other portion was a joke pertaining to the material of Richard’s TV show, which he tweaked at the last minute to make about furniture. A joke is a joke.”

Here’s a video of Richard Belzer’s bizarre interview.