Vin Diesel Says Paul Walker Was 'Very Instrumental' In Decision To Start A Family

It's been said by many of the actors involved that the cast and crew of The Fast and the Furious film franchise have grown together as a family, a sentiment proven with the raw emotions displayed upon the passing of Paul Walker.

One of those actors, Vin Diesel, has been among the most outspoken, speaking of Walker as a brother, so it may come as no surprise that the two Fast & Furious stars had many heart to heart conversations. Vin now reveals that one such conversation resulted in him taking a greater interest in his off camera role as a father.

Fast 8 Star Vin Diesel Reveals How Paul Walker Inspired Him To Embrace Fatherhood

It's been almost three years, since a tragic accident claimed Paul Walker's life, but the late actor still lives on in the memories of his fans, friends, and family. In Touch Weekly shares that Walker is also remembered through the charity started in his name, Reach Out World Wide, and a recent event intended to benefit that charity gave actor Vin Diesel an opportunity to open up about one of the ways he benefited from his friendship with Walker. The Fast 8 actor shared with fans that Paul was the reason he took an active interest in starting a family of his own.

"Paul was very instrumental in my segue into fatherhood," Vin says. "He was the one that told me to go to the hospital. He's the one that told me to cut the umbilical cord. He told me to cut the umbilical cord! [He was] the only person, in California, that knew I was about to have a child."

Together with his long time girlfriend, Paloma Jimene, Vin Diesel currently has three children, Hania, 8, Vincent, 6, and 1-year-old Pauline, who was named after Walker.

Diesel recalled that, upon getting to know Mr. Walker on the set of 2001's The Fast and the Furious, the two men would talk about parenting with Paul assuring Vin that becoming a father wasn't as frightening as it might seem. Diesel says Walker gave him a great deal of valuable advice about parenting and still credits him for convincing him to embrace the idea of starting a family.

"[He] is why I named my daughter Pauline because of the credit that Paul Walker deserves in my personal life," says Vin Diesel.

Paul Walker's Mom: "My Son Lives On In All Of You"

E! News reports that Mr. Diesel has teamed up with Paul Walker's mother in an effort to bring awareness to the charity started in memory of Paul, Reach Out World Wide. The charitable organization was set up to provide immediate relief to communities and families affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Rapid response teams are dispatched by Reach Out World Wide to provide critical aid to those in need.

"I want to say thank you to all of you for all your support. My son lives on in all of you. It makes his work continue here on Earth and I know he's watching over us as we do this," Paul's mom, Cheryl Walker, shared on Diesel's Facebook page. "I'm grateful for all my children but especially Cody working on this to keep ROWW going. It just makes my heart sing. I miss Paul, but he keeps working. Thank you everybody."

Cody Walker, Paul's brother, added that Reach Out World Wide is an endurable piece of the Fast & Furious star that will continue to live on indefinitely with those who loved him caring and nurturing the charity. Cody adds that, although the Walker family and friends will always miss him, Reach Out World Wide helps them to keep Paul's spirit alive.

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