Selena Gomez Drug Use -- Is She Feuding With Taylor Swift Now?

Selena Gomez is not in a great place at the moment. Radar Online has said that not only is she struggling with Lupus, she has also fallen victim to drug abuse. After the death of her friend Christina Grimmie, she hasn't been the same. "Selena wasn't the same after that," an insider told Radar. "She was definitely depressed — it was obvious."

"Her mom Mandy has been 'completely unreachable' for the past few weeks as she's been dealing with this," the insider has said. The sources have said that Selena Gomez has also been dabbling in "Lunesta, Ambien, Klonopin and Xanax," the sources have said. This may not exactly answer all her problems.

Her problems have been multiplied by Lupus. "It is terrible that she has Lupus." However, the sources have gone on to say that Selena Gomez is also using Lupus as an excuse at the moment. "She is using this as an excuse for everything lately and the truth is that she is just a mess right now," explained a source. "She has been feeling completely alone lately."

"Everyone close to her is worried because she seems to be back to old behavior," the sources have said. It looks like Selena Gomez has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. After a hectic schedule of her Revival world tour, she has taken a break. However, it seems like Selena Gomez keeps going back to the same "Everyone close to her is worried because she seems to be back to old behavior," the sources have said. This is not the first time Selena Gomez is having episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. She's had them before in 2014.

However, according to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez has gone back to making music again. "Her health and privacy is her top priority right now, so she has been careful about sharing her whereabouts with anyone," a source close to the singer has said. Clearly, Selena Gomez's music ought to be her priority, and she's always wanted her music to be the talking point, not her relationships.

"She has been missing her fans and performing her music and hopes to get back on the road soon. Selena's also been channeling her creative energy in writing lyrics and new music so she will be prepared for the studio when she feels well enough to get back to work."

It seems like Selena Gomez's alleged drug use and mental instability is also having a huge impact on her relationship with Taylor Swift. Celebuzz has said that members of Taylor Swift's squad, including Selena Gomez, feel the need to "expose" Taylor Swift. Do you think these rumors have some truth to it? Do you think Selena Gomez's mental condition has anything to do with it?

It also seems like Taylor Swift has been dishing some strange advice to Selena Gomez. J-14 has reported that Taylor Swift told Selena Gomez to focus on her music and stop thinking about relationships. That seems like unusual advice from someone who has been going in and out of several relationships.

"Selena's advice was to take a break from men and to spend some time enjoying being single," the source continued. The source said Taylor asked said she should be "focusing her energy in the studio, and dropping a new album before another boyfriend pops up." It's true that career is important, but relationships are important too. Do you think Taylor Swift is giving the right advice to Selena Gomez?

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