'Criminal Minds' Season 12: Thomas Gibson's Appearance, Penelope Garcia Reaction To Luke Alvez

With Thomas Gibson fired from Criminal Minds, many fans are wondering how Aaron Hotchner will be written off and if there is a chance that he will come back. Criminal Minds Season 12 will premiere on September 28 and Aaron Hotchner is set to return in the first two episodes.

There has been a lot of backlash from fans of the show since it was announced that Thomas Gibson had been fired. Aaron Hotchner has been a series regular since Season 1 and the #NoHotchNoWatch hashtag has made the rounds on Twitter and Instagram.

Pagent Brewster's Emily Prentiss is returning as a series regular, along with Dr. Tara Lewis played by Aisha Tyler. Newcomer Luke Alvez is played by Adam Rodriguez, and he will replace heartthrob Shemar Moore's special agent Derek Morgan, who left the show last season.

Fans are well aware of Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia's close relationship, and it comes as no surprise that she isn't going to be welcoming to his replacement.

In an interview with StarryMag, Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Garcia, talked about how her character will react to Luke Alvez in Criminal Minds Season 12.
"So, I met Adam Rodriguez the first day Penelope Garcia is going to meet Luke Alvez. I meet him and we are sitting there talking. He's delightful and I almost immediately love him. Then, we go to shoot a scene and it is amazing how much Penelope Garcia vehemently hates him. It is so different than how I feel about him. It was weird to be like, 'Hey! Hi!' I couldn't even look at him. I couldn't even look at him without starring."
Since leaving the show, Shemar Moore has teased Derek Morgan's return. The long-time special agent chose to focus on his family during Season 11, which leaves the option of a possible return in the future. However, it is yet to be announced how Aaron Hotchner is written off the show; therefore, it is unclear whether Thomas Gibson can or will return to Criminal Minds.

Gibson allegedly had an on-set altercation with a show writer and has been accused of having a short fuse when working with others.

In a deleted Instagram video, Shemar Moore addressed Thomas Gibson's firing, alluding to the fact that he may have been difficult to work with.

"Lot of birdies chirping out there; the gossip is real," Moore said. "I hear it, I see it. I'm sure a lot of you do too, so I'll just say this: I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people. Honest people. Hard-working people. Humble people. People who believe in basic goodness. … Good things will happen to you. … Treat people how you expect them to treat you. Celebrate yourself and celebrate your blessings — as you should — but just know that you're not better than anybody."

Season 11 ended with a big cliffhanger that left a lot of fans wondering what Season 12 has in store. With several highly dangerous serial killers back in the streets, some fan theories speculate that Aaron Hotchner meets his end during an altercation with an old rival he put behind bars.

Some serial killers from previous seasons of the show are expected to make a return, and there may be grave consequences for the BAU team.

Aaron Hotchner may also leave the unit or get transferred, which opens up the opportunity for the character to return to the show.

However, with Thomas Gibson getting fired from the show, it is likely that Aaron Hotchner is killed off after the first two episodes of Criminal Minds Season 12.

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