Alicia Vikander And Michael Fassbender Didn’t Want To Leave ‘Light Between Oceans,’ ‘The Danish Girl’ Star Working On Four Movies For Oscar

Alicia Vikander has a pretty much perfect life. She has a hot boyfriend by the name of Michael Fassbender, she just released The Light Between Oceans and now, she is working on four different movies. At that rate, the Oscar winner might snag another golden statue before she turns 30!

But one thing that she might feel a little unhappy about her life may be that she is unbelievably busy. With the press tour for The Light Between Oceans and working on four movies, the 27-year-old actress probably barely has time for her boyfriend Michael Fassbender.

That is probably the reason why Alicia Vikander and X-Men actor did not want to leave the set of The Light Between Oceans. When the director Derek Cianfrance asked the couple to live on this deserted lighthouse for a long period of time, at first, they balked at the idea. But with time, and with the growth of their relationship, they did not want to return to the real world.

“They were, especially Fassbender, uncertain,” Derek said to “I’m like, ‘Michael just give me a shot here.’ I had to work really hard to convince my production to stay out there. He was like, ‘OK, I’ll give it one night.’ Flash forward five and a half weeks later and he didn’t want to leave, and neither did Alicia.”

With the movie shot, edited, and released, there is no designated time in the future when Alicia and Michael will be reunited for work purposes. Which means that they don’t have a set time in the future that they will reunite. They have been doing a good job of meeting up, despite their demanding filming schedules, making the world their dating spot.

The last time that they met up was in Sydney as Michael Fassbender was shooting a movie. For a couple that is intensely private, they didn’t seem to mind that the whole world was watching them this time.

“Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender appeared to be just as much in the honeymoon period as they enjoyed a workout session together on Friday at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia,” reports Daily Mail. “The pair were joined by a trainer, who put them through their paces with an array of taxing exercises as they worked up a sweat in the sunshine.”

Right now, the couple is still vowing to keep their relationship as much under wraps as possible.

“I’m not going to talk about my private life with a total stranger, unless I feel like I need to,” Michael Fassbender famously said to Entertainment Weekly. “Why would I?”

But their romance isn’t the only thing that is sustaining them. For one, The Danish Girl actress is probably one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. She is working on four movies right now: Submergence, Euphoria, Tulip Fever, and Tomb Raider.

Submergence stars James McAvoy and tells the story of an Englishman and a diver whose romance sustains them through the situation they are in. Euphoria is the movie based on the book by Lily King, a hot and steamy story loosely based on the life of Margaret Mead during the anthropological research in Samoa. Tulip Fever is another romantic movie about a banned romance between a painter and a married woman set in Netherlands. Tomb Raider is one of her more high-profile movies that will probably catapult her into one of the highest grossing actresses in the industry.

In all these movies, Alicia is asked to play characters that are very far from who she is. But being the Oscar-winning actress that she is, so far, she has been able to execute those roles in seamless fashion.

“I’m not a mother,” The Danish Girl star said in an interview with the Guardian, “and it was the one biggest challenge in this film. The extreme longing for a child this [character] has is something a lot of women share. She also goes through miscarriages, and I know it’s a subject that is not talked about much – but it’s common and it’s a trauma a lot of people can relate to. I always imagined having a family in the future, but I sit there imagining half the women in the audience thinking, ‘She doesn’t really know what it’s like.'”

Do you think Oscar winner will be able to make her relationship with Michael Fassbender work as she continues to conquer Hollywood? Let us know in the comments below!

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