Did Justin Timberlake Just Confirm He Still Loves Britney Spears? [Video]

New theories are swirling around the internet that Justin Timberlake may still have feelings for ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

According to reports, fans of the former couple, who dated for three years until they called it quits in 2002, are now speculating that Timberlake may still be thinking about Spears after a pretty telling moment in a recent interview.

Us Weekly confirmed the latest conspiracy theory to surround Britney and Justin, claiming that fans have been alluding to a slightly bizarre moment in one of Timberlake’s recent interviews in which he appears to stare off into space when a Britney reference is made.

The site revealed that the Spears moment happened while Justin was discussing his upcoming animated film Trolls alongside Anna Kendrick, where he appeared to trail off when the word “Pinky” is mentioned, which fans pointed out was the nickname Justin gave to Britney during their three-year romance.

Us Weekly confirmed that the term “Pinky” was mentioned at around 2:10 in the interview, which happened back in May, and noted that as soon as Timberlake heard the nickname he gave to Spears “his expression immediately transforms from joyful to dejected.”

The site even went as far as to claim that Justin, who is now happily married to actress Jessica Biel with whom he has a son, Silas, “looks legitimately forlorn and brokenhearted for nearly a full 30 seconds before recovering.”

Fans were also quick to point out that Timberlake used to affectionately refer to Spears as “Pinky” while Spears called him “Stinky” back in the early 2000s, and Justin’s pretty forlorn look appeared to get fans of the former couple hoping that the twosome may someday reunite.

“I’ll always want Justin and Britney to get back together,” Twitter user @coop_yo wrote of the apparent new evidence suggesting Timberlake may still think about his past romance with Spears, while @dareenawadd wrote on the social media site of Spears and her former boyfriend, “Can Justin and Britney get back together already?”

Did Justin Timberlake Just Confirm He Still Loves Britney Spears? [Video]
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Justin Timberlake hasn’t officially commented on the apparent Britney Spears reference that sent the internet into a frenzy, though he has spoken out about Britney in recent days.

Just months after Timberlake appeared to gaze off amid the apparent Spears’ moment, the singer admitted that he would actually be open to getting back together with Britney, in the studio at least.

Justin revealed in a recent interview with E! News that he would actually be open to recording a duet with Spears, 14 years after he and Britney broke up amid accusations of cheating.

After hearing that Britney told fans that she’d love to hit the studio with him for a duet, Timberlake replied, “She did? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely,” when asked if he’d be open to a duet with his former girlfriend.

Did Justin Timberlake Just Confirm He Still Loves Britney Spears? [Video]
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Justin’s seriously candid duet confession came shortly after Britney first revealed that she’d like to team up with the star during a recent question and answer session with fans back in August to promote her new album, Glory.

“Aerosmith seems really good and bright. He’s a genius, I think. He’s very rock ‘n’ roll. He sings from his soul,” Spears said of Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler when asked about her dream duet partner. Britney then continued to note Gwen Stefani as being “great,” and then added, “Justin Timberlake is very good.”

Spears also revealed that she would have liked to duet with Timberlake back in 2013 after she told USA Today that her former boyfriend actually “inspires her.”

“Justin [is so different and fresh],” Britney said of Timberlake at the time. “It’s inspiring for me, and it makes people eager to listen to music, which helps everyone.”

What do you think of the latest speculation surrounding Justin Timberlake and ex-girlfriend Britney Spears?

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