Paris Jackson Wig: Michael Jackson’s Daughter Fools The Internet

Paris Jackson’s wig caused a number of individuals to lose their minds after the internet celebrity posted a picture of her supposed hairdo on Twitter and Instagram. According to the Examiner, Jackson’s controversial haircut was nothing more than a wig, which left a number of her vocal critics with egg all over their faces.

Over the weekend, Paris Jackson posted a curious picture which seemingly revealed that the teenager had lopped off the majority of her long hair. To make matters worse, Paris had seemingly lightened her hair color by several shades, much to the dismay of those who follow Jackson on Twitter. However, it was soon revealed that the haircut was nothing more than Paris Jackson’s wig.

“That awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing. If i want to cut my hair and donate it I’d appreciate some support,” Paris Jackson said in the tweet that accompanied the photo.

Dennis Christen, who is producing Jackson’s upcoming motion picture Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys, explained to The Huffington Post that the teen hadn’t chopped off her long hair. The short hairstyle displayed in the recently-tweeted image was just a harmless wig, nothing more. In other words, it’s probably time for the internet to simmer down a bit.

Almost as soon as Paris Jackson posted the image of her short hair, people who spend most of their free time on Instagram started weighing in on the subject. Although most people were supportive of the teenager’s haircut, some were quick to point out that the locks displayed in the uploaded photograph actually belonged to Paris Jackon’s wig.

“I think its disgusting how these gossip magazines stalk you,” one Instagram user commented. “You are a teenager … they should just let you be.”

Were you one of the countless individuals fooled by Paris Jackson’s wig?