Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $10 Million For Four-Hour Interview

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has offered Donald Trump $10 million, and all Cuban wants is to sit down and talk with Trump for a few hours. In a series of tweets Cuban made on Friday, he offered to donate $10 million to the charity of Trump’s choice if the Republican nominee for president allowed Cuban to interview him for four hours.

As he mentions in his initial tweet to Trump, Cuban is interested in quizzing the Republican nominee on his policies. Cuban has long been a critic of Trump’s policies and his aspirations to become president.

In his next two tweets to Trump, Cuban lays down more of the ground rules for his proposed interview, as Cuban seems intent on trying to get Trump to stick to the issues and avoid any political mudslinging aimed at Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

As CNN points out, this last stipulation would not allow Trump to have any of his aides or advisors in the interview room with him to help him answer Cuban’s questions. Such a setup would almost be akin to a presidential debate, except Trump would only have the moderator, in this case Cuban, to speak to, with no other candidates to attack.

After asking Trump if the two have a deal, Mark Cuban then offers Trump the opportunity to keep the $10 million for himself if he so desires rather than having Cuban donate money to a charity of Trump’s choice.

This is certainly an interesting tactic by Cuban to entice Trump to accept the invitation. On one hand, Trump could be seen as a little selfish if he deprived a charity of Cuban’s $10 million and chose to keep the money for himself. However, Trump could take Cuban’s $10 million and donate it directly to his campaign.

In essence, Cuban would be making a $10 million contribution to Trump’s campaign, which could be a way for Trump to embarrass Cuban, who, as mentioned earlier, has been a critic of the Republican nominee throughout the campaign.

Of course, as the Inquisitr shared at the end of July, Cuban has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Mr. Trump would no doubt enjoy using $10 million from someone who endorsed Clinton to help fund his campaign.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on stage with presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Cuban then chooses to quote Trump back to himself in his fifth and final tweet directed at the Republican nominee, perhaps in an effort by Cuban to get under his skin and increase the chances of Trump accepting the invitation.

Cuban’s Twitter proposal to Trump was not the only interaction between the two on Thursday. In an article published by Fox Business, Trump responded to Cuban’s criticism of his economic plan. While appearing on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show, Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Cuban attacked Trump.

“I have my Trump hedge on. In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind that the market tanks. And so, I literally have put on more than 100% hedge,” Cuban explained.

Trump, as one would expect, had no problem responding to Cuban’s criticism.

“Well, I know Mark and, you know, the problem with Mark is he’s not smart enough to understand what we’re doing, he’s really not smart enough in my opinion to really understand what’s going on,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business Network. “Explain to Mark, we have $20 trillion in debt, we have high taxes in this country, very high taxes.”

Presidential nominee Donald Trump giving a speech at the Economic Club in New York. [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

If you think about it, Mark Cuban and Donald Trump appear to have a lot to discuss with one another. Instead of sending insults at one another through the media, perhaps it would be best to lock them in a room together for four hours and have them hash out their differences one on one, the way Cuban has proposed.

As of 4 p.m. on Friday, Trump had not responded to Cuban’s interview invitation, at least not via Twitter. However, one would expect a response from Trump at some point. No matter how you feel about each individual, Mark Cuban and Donald Trump in the same room for four hours seems like must-see TV.

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