NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Bosh To Cavs, Kevin Love To Heat Deal Possible?

There have been plenty of NBA trade rumors swirling when it comes to two of the league’s former All-Star forwards. The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh has been unable to play due to medical concerns. The Cavaliers’ Kevin Love was missing in action during the NBA Finals, although he wasn’t needed heavily. With that said, is there a possibility that these two players would swap places in a deal between the Cavs and Heat? Is there even a trade being talked about by the two squads?

According to a FanSided report via FOX Sports, the deal makes good sense on its face. Michael Saenz speculates that the deal could benefit both teams and the players involved. Bosh is already good friends with current Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. The duo won their first NBA Championship together as part of the “Big Three” with the Miami Heat. While Bosh is unable to get medical clearance via the Heat doctors, he could probably bring the doctor who is willing to clear him into the mix. With LeBron’s help, Bosh could actually play this season.

NBA star Chris Bosh sits on Miami Heat bench with teammates. [Image by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]

The hangup with Bosh right now is due to his being diagnosed with blood clots and needing to take blood thinners. During the last two seasons, he developed blood clots in his calves. During 2015, a clot traveled to his lung, and he required hospitalization. It’s a serious issue for the superstar and in need of resolution so he can get back to doing what he loves. Due to his length of time being sidelined with the team, it had some fans wondering if this is the end of his career.

However, according to ESPN, Bosh vowed to play again in a recent podcast he did with Open Run.

“It is my contractual and professional obligation to be there. Will I be cleared? I don’t know. But I will play basketball in the NBA…. This has been a struggle. This has not been easy.”

Even one of his bosses at the Heat seems to believe they’ll have the NBA star playing again this season in Miami. A recent tweet from Micky Arison gives a positive indication towards that.

Bosh still seems to be in good with the team, at least publicly. That could also be a facade, as behind closed doors deals that are in the works. He may want out of there due to being unable to play. It’s still possible the team could try to move him in favor of someone who can actually play on their team under their rules. That would bring up the case for a trade for Kevin Love.

Love played in just six of the seven games of this past year’s NBA Finals. The Basketball Reference website notes that he scored a whopping 51 points, making him the team’s fifth player in scoring. J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson were bigger for Cleveland in their championship win. Love probably isn’t complaining that he finally won a title, but it really appears he’s just not working as good as he should with LeBron and Kyrie Irving. A case can be made that he isn’t needed to do much anymore. Perhaps the Miami Heat would benefit from his services.

Miami has now lost superstar Dwyane Wade to the Bulls. They have emerging star center Hassan Whiteside and guard Goran Dragic. Kevin Love would give them an experienced guy who can come in and contribute right now, whereas in their current position with Bosh, he’s being paid to sit on the bench. Why not add someone who can actually step on the court and contribute? Not only that, he might actually be helpful in a series against his former team.

Kevin Love guards Chris Bosh in a Timberwolves vs. Heat game. [Image by Marc Serota/Getty Images]

Keep in mind, there are no official reports or rumors out there that this deal is in progress. However, it does make good sense overall. When it’s all said and done, Bosh wants to play basketball again. Kevin Love was a great player in Minnesota and occasionally is in Cleveland. Both teams need to address needs in order to compete in the current league, where teams are adding superstar after superstar to their rosters.

A swap of two former All-Star forwards would probably help Cleveland more, though. Pat Riley may simply be opposed to helping out his competition, the team that got James back, much at all right now.

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