Kroy Biermann 2016 Net Worth: How Kroy Is Catering To Kim Zolciak After Her Stroke

Kroy Biermann became a free agent after his NFL contract with the Atlanta Falcons ended last season. Kroy knew this was going to happen, and his meeting with his agents will play out later this season on Don’t Be Tardy. Kroy was briefly signed to the Buffalo Bills, but he was released after just a few weeks because the NFL roster had to be cut down. Sadly, Kroy was one of the players who was released. After the news broke of his release from the team, fans of Kroy and Kim Zolciak started questioning how they would pay for their lavish lifestyle now that the NFL wouldn’t be paying him millions of dollars.

According to a new Instagram post, Kroy Biermann revealed that he’s letting his wife take the spotlight for a while as he’s unemployed. Kroy has been playing in the NFL for a while and bringing home the bacon, but now his million-dollar contract is over. Just like that, the NFL isn’t the top priority anymore. As it turns out, his net worth could remain the same without the NFL as the couple might have been saving their money over the years.

Kroy’s net worth isn’t exactly known, but a quick internet search brings back various amounts. His net worth is reportedly around $3.5 million, which would be his NFL salary from the past couple of years. But this amount doesn’t include his payment for Don’t Be Tardy or any other income he may have. And it does not include any of his wife’s income over the past several years. She has filmed Don’t Be Tardy, and she also filmed The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In addition, Kroy and his wife possibly spent some of their money. They purchased and renovated their massive Atlanta home, but Kroy is now unemployed. Hopefully, they purchased their home and paid it off.

If they were truly struggling with money, Kroy wouldn’t be staying with his wife in New York when she recently did some press for Don’t Be Tardy. If he was desperate to get back into the NFL, he would be trying out for teams and setting up interviews.


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“Congrats to the best wife mom and woman God created!! I am so proud that tonight the 5th season of your show Kim Zolciak is premiering tonight. You are such a hard worker and go getter and I am so blessed to be a passenger on your bus. So happy our angels are always around us as you see through the season. I love you!!” Kroy Biermann revealed on Instagram while sharing a picture of his wife in New York.


He is clearly catering to his wife after she suffered a stroke last year. She was shocked when she passed out after competing on Dancing With The Stars, and Kroy realized that his wife could be gone in an instant. Kim’s health emergency might have changed his direction in life.

While Kroy’s wife has hinted that he could be quitting the NFL, it sounds like he’s pursuing other ventures. There are rumors that he went to Tampa Bay to try out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but his wife also revealed that he would be a great coach in the NFL.

Many fans assumed that Kroy would quit the NFL so he could stay back in Atlanta to focus on his wife and family. But it sounds as if she wants her husband to be happy, so if Kroy wants to pursue another player position in a different state, she stands by him.

The NFL is an interesting league, and the players are often cut, then picked up by another team in a matter of days or even hours. While Kroy and his family were ready to head to Buffalo and possibly increase his net worth by signing a contract, it sounds like the NFL deal didn’t work out for him. Within days, he returned to Atlanta without a job.

What do you think of Kroy Biermann’s net worth in 2016 after leaving the NFL? Do you think his wife could make the money they need to continue their current way of life if he’s the supportive spouse for a while?

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