Ben Affleck Finally Moving On From Jennifer Garner, He Is Ready To ‘Date Other People’

A year has passed since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, and it doesn’t look like a reconciliation is in the works.

Affleck tried his best to win back Garner these past few months, but it now looks like he’s ready to move on and date other women.

OK Magazine reports that Affleck and Garner are still living in the same house, and her incessant nagging is starting to take a toll.

Is this why the Batman v Superman star is ready to move on?

“He was desperate to make things work,” a source told the outlet, adding that Garner pushed “him away.”

“He thought they were falling into old patterns again,” the insider continued. “He feels he can date other people and still be a good dad.”

Apparently, Garner thought things were going okay between her and Affleck when he dropped the bombshell.

“She thought they could get back together, so it totally blindsided her,” the source shared. “It’s been difficult for her to deal with.”

If Affleck is turning to other women for support, is it possible that he’s eyeing his old flame, Jennifer Lopez?

According to Gossip Cop, rumors strongly hinted that Affleck and Lopez were back together.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“They’ve been talking on the phone for hours at a time,” an insider revealed. “Their relationship was always intense and had a lot of passion. It’s like they are back together already.”

Lopez reportedly initiated the contact shortly after her breakup with Casper Smart, but she is waiting until Ben Affleck’s divorce is finalized before going public.

Aces Show Biz reported that Garner caught Affleck texting Lopez during their birthday vacation in Montana in August.

While Garner and the kids were celebrating Affleck’s birthday, he was glued to his phone, which only made Garner suspicious.

Garner eventually looked at his texts and found out that he had been communicating with Lopez. NDTV Movies reports the discovery led to a huge fight and set their relationship back to square one.

“Everyone thought she and Ben were on the road to reconciliation,” an inside stated. “But his reaching out to J. Lo made her question what’s really going through his mind, not to mention his heart.”

As the speculation about a romantic reunion between J.Lo and Ben continued, another insider revealed that Affleck and Lopez are not seeing each other again and called the rumors crazy.

Affleck and Garner announced their shocking breakup in June of 2015, but they have yet to finalize their divorce. Until they officially settle, it’s unclear what is happening behind the scenes.

With so much secrecy surrounding their relationship, it isn’t surprising that the rumors are starting to circulate about Affleck’s potential girlfriends.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Affleck and Lopez were a hot item back in the early 2000s.

While rumors about their reunion run wild, it is hard to tell if Affleck and Lopez are evening talking to each other, let alone rekindling their romance.

Even still, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that the former lovers will announce their relationship once his divorce with Garner is final.

After all, this might be the perfect time for the couple to get back together.

“With J. Lo suddenly single and Jennifer Garner preparing to officially file for divorce from Ben, the former couple have been busy reconnecting,” an inside source claimed. “After splitting from Casper, she reached out to Ben. She thinks he could be the one and is convinced they’ll make the perfect couple.”

Affleck and Lopez have not addressed the latest rumors regarding their romance.

In the meantime, Affleck’s arrangement with Garner and their children is expected to remain the same in the coming months.

Ben Affleck will star in The Accountant, which hits theaters October 14, 2016. Check out the trailer below.

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