‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 23: Amber Rose Says ‘DWTS’ Is ‘Rigged’?

Dancing with the Stars Season 23 contestant Amber Rose allegedly believes the show is rigged. According to Radar Online on Thursday, Amber Rose reportedly claims the winner of the current season of DWTS is already “in the bag.” Rose is also said to believe that the odds of her winning Dancing with the Stars Season 23 were stacked against her from the beginning and that other contestants receive special treatment — more specifically, certain Olympic athletes.

Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars only premiered four days ago, but Amber Rose is already telling everyone that she thinks the outcome of the show is fixed. Rose even thinks she knows who will ultimately receive the Mirrorball this season. The Hollywood Gossip reports that weeks of practicing with dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy has led the 32-year-old former stripper to believe one contestant is favored over all the rest.

Out of the 13 contestants for Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Amber Rose says she’s seen favoritism given to Olympic gymnast, Laurie Hernandez. According to the insider, Rose feels that DWTS was playing favorites when the 16-year-old was cast in the top spot during the Good Morning America announcement of the Dancing with the Stars Season 23 cast lineup on August 30.

In fact, Gossip Cop pointed out the fact that only the two Olympians were present for the big GMA cast announcement that every Dancing with the Stars fan had been waiting for since Season 22 ended on May 24. Laurie Hernandez, with dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy, and Ryan Lochte, with dance partner Cheryl Burke, were chosen to represent the entire DWTS Season 23 cast, a move that Amber Rose is calling favoritism of Olympic athletes.

One Dancing with the Stars insider allegedly claims that Rose feels like she’s “up against the system” and that the show is fixed in favor of both Olympic medalists. At least, Amber Rose seems to think that American gymnast and Olympic gold medal winner Laurie Hernandez, as well as American competitive swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, has been getting all the attention so far on DWTS Season 23 — both good attention and bad attention.

All eyes were on Lochte, 32, during Monday night’s live Dancing with the Stars Season 23 broadcast on ABC, as protesters rushed the controversial swimmer after his opening Foxtrot number with dance partner Cheryl Burke. The Hollywood Gossip shared a video of two men from the audience wearing T-shirts with Lochte’s name crossed out running onto the stage shortly before Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron cut to an early commercial.

But even though Lochte is considered the most high-profile dancer on Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Amber Rose feels like the contest is rigged in favor of Hernandez, mainly because she has the advantage of having a gymnastics background. Rose also allegedly feels like she was paired with a dance partner that the judges usually have issues with. Entertainment Weekly announced in August that Maksim Chmerkovskiy was asked back to the Dancing with the Stars dance floor just for Season 23.

Maksim, 36, returned for the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars after taking a break from dancing for the previous four seasons. Us Weekly says that Maksim made the decision to rejoin the DWTS Season 23 cast for a little dance competition with his brother, Val Chmerkovskiy, 30, and because he wanted to “move a little.” But Amber Rose thinks Maksim was brought back to DWTS just so the “resident troublemaker” could partner with her.

Even Maksim admits that his past tenure on Dancing with the Stars was constantly tumultuous and surrounded by negativity.

“I may turn off a bigger percentage of people than I keep around.”

Amber Rose proudly tweeted in August that she was paired with Maksim for Dancing with the Stars Season 23, calling him an “amazing dance partner.” And just this past Tuesday, Rose tweeted that she couldn’t ask for a better dance partner, even though #TeamSpicySalsa only scored a 24 with Monday night’s Foxtrot performance.


The alleged Dancing with the Stars insider says that Rose is determined to not give the judges anything to criticize this season. The insider went on to say that Rose is very competitive and wants to win DWTS Season 23, even though she feels like the winner has already been determined.

“She wants to win and win on her own merit, but she’s afraid that it isn’t enough. The show could be fixed, and not in her favor.”

Gossip Cop disputes the Radar Online claim that Amber Rose thinks that Dancing with the Stars is rigged. According to their own “impeccable” inside source, Rose does not believe DWTS is “fixed,” and if Laurie Hernandez does, in fact, end up winning Season 23, then she’ll do it on her own merits.

What do you think? Do you think the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 23 has already been chosen even before the season gets off to a good start? Are the dancers just going through the motions for TV ratings? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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