Little Miss Flint: 9-Year-Old Child Seemed Afraid Of Trump, But Amariyanna ‘Mari’ Copeny Hugged President Obama [Photos]

Little Miss Flint is a trending term on Facebook with nearly 20,000 people searching for Little Miss Flint, according to the social networking site. It’s all because Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny, who is better known as Little Miss Flint, took a photo with Donald Trump that is worlds away from Little Miss Flint’s reaction to meeting President Obama.

As seen in the below photos, Little Miss Flint smiled and hugged President Obama. However, upon meeting Donald Trump, Little Miss Flint had a look of discomfort on her face. Little Miss Flint looked confused. Of course, the internet picked up on the Little Miss Flint drama with Trump and took the opportunity to place side-by-side photos of Little Miss Flint’s very disparate reactions to meeting President Obama versus candidate Trump.

Little Miss Flint first made the news when the now 9-year-old girl visited with President Obama, as reported by BuzzFeed.

Now, Copeny is making news as the latest child to appear in a photo with Trump, and she has been labeled as a child that appears afraid of Trump. Other photos of babies and children crying in photos with Trump have circulated across the web. featured a story claiming some kids are scared of Trump, according to a Utah child psychologist, because they fear Trump will have them deported and sent to other countries. Various photos of children crying when in proximity to Trump have some people wondering why kids like Little Miss Flint appear afraid of Trump.

[Image by Carlos Osorio/AP Images]

As seen in the above photo, Copeny was only 8 years of age back on Wednesday, May 4, when President Obama introduced Little Miss Flint to the crowd at Northwestern High School in Flint, Michigan.

Little Miss Flint gained notoriety by sending a letter to President Obama that invited Obama to Flint to address the city’s water crisis.

[Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

Little Miss Flint can be seen sitting on her mother’s lap in the above photo. Lulu Brezzell is hidden from view behind Little Miss Flint, but obviously, the little girl had no worries upon meeting President Obama, as witnessed by photos on social media of Little Miss Flint smiling and giving big hugs to the current president.

As reported by the Daily Caller, folks have already practiced their photo-editing skills on the original photo of Little Miss Flint looking afraid of Trump, and they have turned it around to show Trump wearing Little Miss Flint’s crown instead. Or, other photos show Little Miss Flint scratching Trump’s head instead.

Little Miss Flint gained attention for her activism to bring attention to her city’s plight.

“I am one of the children that is affected by this water, and I’ve been doing my best to march in protest and to speak out for all the kids that live here in Flint.”

On social media, some of the comments about Little Miss Flint’s face upon meeting Trump can be read below. In the photo, Trump grabs Little Miss Flint’s hand by the wrist, but Little Miss Flint looks as if she wants to run away from Trump. Folks on social media couldn’t help but note the difference.

“Little Miss Flint became Little Miss FLINCH when she met Trump.”

“We share your pain, Little Miss Flint.”

“That picture of Little Miss Flint & Donald Trump is funny af.”

“All of the world is Little Miss Flint.”

“Little Miss Flint meets Trump versus meeting with Obama

“Little Miss Flint bravely deals w yet another toxic, orange-ish mess.”

“Little Miss Flint is all of us in 2016.”

“Little Miss Flint truly IS America.”

“I’ve seen kidnapping photos – where the victim is holding up ‘today’s newspaper’ – that were less alarming.”

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

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