Ricky Schroder Responds To Divorce Bombshell On Social Media

Ricky Schroder briefly took to his Instagram to check in with fans following the breaking news that his wife of nearly twenty-four years, Andrea Schroder, had filed for divorce. Schroder simply posted a selfie with one short sentence and the hashtag #ImOk.

Ricky’s newest Instagram shot took over as his profile picture that had featured he and Andrea Schroder as a young couple.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Andrea Schroder filed for divorce from Ricky in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences.” According to court papers, the Schroders had been separated since June 1.

The Schroders hadn’t addressed the divorce with media since the news was revealed on Wednesday. Andrea Schroder’s been maintaining social media silence, but Ricky did post a picture of unusually shaped tree on the day that the divorce was announced.

The tree, which had captured the interest of Ricky, curls in the center but then continues to grow upright leaving some to wonder if this was Schroder’s way of letting the world know that sometimes, even though you may not grow the way you expected, life goes on and adapts.

Both Schroders seem to be on some sort of independent traveling odysseys with Andrea posting pictures from all over Europe while Ricky has been tagged in Alaska, South Carolina, and with today’s Instagram listing him on Anacapa Island with a fishing pole. Many fans commented on Ricky’s post, encouraging Schroder to rely on his faith to either heal his marriage or get him through his divorce. Ricky reportedly converted to LDS when he married Andrea.

Ricky Schroder rose to fame at an early age with an emotional role opposite Jon Voight in The Champ. The heart wrenching portrayal of a little boy trying to bond with his boxer father brought Schroder a Golden Globe just a few months before his tenth birthday.

Ricky later found success once again as the son of a single father in the show Silver Spoons. The show also helped launch the career of Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro. Ribeiro and Schroder made headlines earlier this week for their reunion on Celebrity Family Feud of which Ricky was a member of Alfonso’s team.

Despite Ricky’s ability to transition from child actor to adult actor, producer, and director, Schroder is considered to be one of the least “Hollywood” type people by many in the industry. The Schroders spent much of the early years of their marriage in rural Colorado before moving back to California in 2003.

According to People, in 2008, Andrea Schroder was chosen to be a contestant on Top Design. Andrea made it to the top five, but in a strange twist of events, Schroder withdrew from the competition stating she found it too difficult to concentrate on the design projects because she missed her family. In an interview with Fishbowl NY, Andrea Schroder said she felt strongly she needed to return home to her family. Ironically, the very day she left, her youngest daughter Faith had broken her arm.

“I always have energy for design challenges, but suddenly, I felt really strongly that my family needed me,” Schroder said. “I am glad I listened to that inner voice, so she could have her Mommy with her in the hospital.”

Faith is the only one of the four Schroder children who is still a minor. Andrea has requested full custody with only visitation for Ricky. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ricky made headlines in 2013 for pulling Faith out of her school to home school her due to fear that contaminated soil at the school was carcinogenic.

Whether or not Ricky’s parenting style is what caused the marriage to sour and Andrea to seek full custody remains to be seen. No one outside of the Schroder circle seems to know what exactly caused Andrea and Ricky to split up.

At least Ricky’s fans can rest easy knowing that, for now, that he is doing okay.

[Featured image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP]

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