‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Are Fans Tired Of ‘BB18’ Houseguests Throwing Competitions?

Big Brother 18 spoilers predict another HOH competition is about to be thrown. The BB18 house has amplified a facet of the game that many fans don’t like and that is when contestants don’t actually try to win the competitions. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates points out that James Huling has agreed to throw part two of the final Head of Household competition. This is a plan that he constructed with Nicole Franzel, apparently playing into the strategy he has formulated that will lead to him having no part in the final two decision.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the last installment of Big Brother 18 spoilers also reveals that James threw a competition. While participating in part one of the final HOH competition, Nicole was the first to get eliminated from the endurance challenge. With just Paul Abrahamian and James competing for the victory, James apparently threw the win to Paul, at least that’s what he claimed. This information comes from chatter that took place on the live feeds, but won’t find confirmation until the episode on Friday, September 16.

In a summer packed with competitions, James Huling has only emerged with one victory. Each time a new round of Big Brother 18 spoilers comes from the game, it is revealed that James came up short again. Despite dozens of competitions in the BB18 house this summer, James won the HOH once and never won a Veto. He also failed to win one of the Road Block competitions from earlier in the summer. When taped footage was shown for most of them, there were a lot of instances where James intentionally lost the challenges.

Social media has not reacted kindly to the news that James has been throwing competitions and there have been a lot of posts commenting negatively about his plans to throw part two of the HOH competition. One fan of the show just took to Twitter to explain what the strategy for James might have been this summer in the BB18 house. He is saying something that a lot of people have been saying over the past few weeks.

In addition to fans reacting to these Big Brother 18 spoilers, there have also been several discussions between Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian about what James is doing. Paul has told Nicole that James is afraid of competing against her in a mental competition. Paul feels that is why James wants to say that he is going to throw it, so that if he does badly, an excuse is already built into the conversation. Nicole is pretty upset that James has also taken more to sleeping than studying over the last 24 hours, leading to her crying a lot on Thursday, September 15.

There is a lot of debate on social media about who deserves to win America’s Favorite Player this season, with a lot of fans commenting that James Huling no longer deserves that honor. While he may be an interesting houseguest to watch due to his pranks and funny stories, he hasn’t been playing the game much this summer. He almost seems to be taking pride in being a floater during a season where it was difficult to take on that role. Would America really vote for a “floater” to win the additional $25,000 cash prize?

The BB18 house has had more people than just James throwing competitions and it is a practice that has taken place quite a few times in past seasons. It’s something that can be viewed as a strategy, but one that doesn’t go over well with CBS or live feed viewers.

Will the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers turn out to be true? Fans will have to tune in on Friday to find out for sure whether James is going to throw another competition.

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