‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH Part One In ‘BB18’ House? Who Made Final Two Deals?

Big Brother 18 spoilers now reveal who won part one of the final HOH in the BB18 house. The information came out overnight on the CBS live feeds, revealing who has taken a huge step toward making the final two this season.

For an unclarified reason, producers of the show decided to not allow fans to view the endurance challenge play out. In past seasons, subscribers to the live feeds have been able to watch the important competition take place, but this time, they turned off the cameras. It raises questions about part two being shown on Friday’s episode.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Corey Brooks was evicted by James Huling during the September 14 episode. Paul Abrahamian had won the Head of Household and then the Power of Veto as well, deciding to keep his nominations of Corey and Nicole Franzel in place for the eviction ceremony. James was the only one who could place a vote and he decided to keep Nicole safe for the time being. The next HOH competition didn’t begin until after the episode had ended, giving the final three houseguests a chance to enjoy some champagne.

When the feeds came on again just before midnight, the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers became very obvious. Paul Abrahamian continued his winning streak, beating out James Huling and Nicole Franzel in the endurance challenge. While not all the details have emerged yet, it appears that Nicole was the first person to fall and that James then threw the competition to Paul. That will be shown to fans during the Friday episode on September 16, where further details about part two of the Head of Household competition will get revealed.

That wasn’t the only information coming from the BB18 house over the live feeds. There are several final two deals in place, with each of the three houseguests working to ensure that they get taken to the final two by the eventual winner of the final HOH competition. A report from Joker’s Updates has a breakdown of the most recent conversation, where James and Nicole laid out plans for how part two of the competition will work. James has stated that he will throw it so that Nicole can secure a victory.

Would James Huling really throw the final HOH competition of the summer? It’s not exactly a new strategy for him, but it might go back to earlier Big Brother 18 spoilers from this week. In addition to the final two deal that James worked out with Nicole, he also has a final two deal in place with Paul. Maybe James sees this as a way of getting out of the final decision that the HOH winner has to make. If he is 100 percent confident that either Paul or Nicole would take him to the end, then this might be a winning strategy after all.

In the end, it is going to be the BB18 jury that decides who wins the $500,000 prize. Each of the final three houseguests has allies in the jury house, presumably already campaigning to get votes for their friend. Michelle Meyer could be the most interesting vote if the final two is Paul and Nicole, as she has stated that she doesn’t want to give the money to either of them. Clear voting blocks will likely end up dictating which houseguest is crowned the winner, and it may not be the person who played the game the best this summer.

The BB18 house has now quieted down following the eviction and part one of the Head of Household competition, but discussions from the next two days could certainly reveal how the final two gets selected. It means more Big Brother 18 spoilers are going to come out in the days before the season finale airs on September 21.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy another report by The Inquisitr that gives many details about the upcoming season of Big Brother 19.

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