Poodle Survives Being Stuck In Car’s Grill, Driven For 11 Miles

Taunton, MA – A female poodle was incredibly lucky after she survived an 11-mile car trip from Massachusetts to Rhode Island … while stuck in the sedan’s grille.

The female poodle mix ran in front of a car in Taunton, Massachusetts on September 20, reports The Washington Post. The driver slammed the brakes but kept going after not seeing the dog.

East Providence Animal Control supervisor William Muggle stated that another motorist finally pointed out the dog once the driver reached East Providence, Rhode Island.

The man immediately drove to the nearest police station where animal control arrived to remove the petrified poodle. ABC News notes that Muggle stated:

“The dog was wedged in between the license plate and the grill. She was just holding on for dear life. She had paws gripped on the edge of the inside of the bumper.”

The poodle was taken to a nearby pet hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion, a missing tooth, and a small tear in her bladder. Muggle stated that he was really surprised the dog had no broken bones, adding:

“On the way to the hospital she stood up in the animal control vehicle and I was really surprised by that. I have definitely never seen anything like that before.”

The dog has since recovered from her traumatic ordeal, but the dog’s owner has yet to come forward. The dog had a collar but no tags and also had an implanted microchip, but it wasn’t registered. The shelter plans on waiting a few more days before they put the lucky poodle up for adoption.

Poodle Survives Being Stuck In Car Grille

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