‘Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough: The ‘DWTS’ Mistake He Was Able To Hide

Derek Hough decided to return to Dancing with the Stars this season after spending some time away from the show this past spring. Derek decided to focus on other ventures for a bit, but he decided that his home was indeed with Dancing With The Stars and returned this season to dance with Marilu Henner.

Of course, Derek was ready with his opening number for the premiere night this past Monday, but the scary incident with Ryan Lochte took much of the attention this week. Now, Derek is opening up about a mistake that could have cost him his great score.

According to a new Instagram post, Derek Hough reveals that a live show can be very scary because you can’t make any mistakes. While Hough is used to dancing on live television, his dance partners may not be used to dancing on television. Even though many tabloids covered the story of Lochte being stormed on stage, Hough reveals that he and Marilu actually started the dance on the wrong foot. And their mistake could have caused them their scores.

“Fun fact: During the live performance Marilu started about 4 feet further away from where we had planned. With 3 seconds left before the music started I tried yelling her name but the audience was too loud and she couldn’t hear me. The music started so I just ran and went for it. Luckily I didn’t land on her head. Got to love a live show #DWTS,” Derek Hough revealed on Instagram, sharing that he took the chance to jump over her.

Luckily, he didn’t land on her head, and they were able to continue the dance as they had planned. As it turns out, they managed to get some of the best scores of the night, and Marilu got over her first dance jitters. Now, they are preparing for their second dance, which they will perform next Monday on Dancing with the Stars.


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But Derek Hough may have been happy that he decided to return to Dancing with the Stars, as he was quick to act when two protestors stormed the dance floor after Ryan Lochte had performed with his partner, Cheryl Burke. After the incident happened, Hough rushed to the scene and got the protesters and their respective family members out of the facility where they film Dancing with the Stars. All of a sudden, his dancing mistake with Marilu didn’t seem so major compared to the protestors’ actions.

One can imagine that the security will be heightened on next week’s episode of the show so the dancers and the celebrities can be judged for their dancing — not their mistakes away from the dance floor. But Lochte may not be as strong as he was during the first week, as he was supposedly injured after the protesters rushed the stage. Derek Hough has shared his thoughts on the protesters, but it sounds like Hough may just focus on his own dance partner going forward.

What do you think of Derek Hough’s honest mistake he made on Dancing with the Stars?

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