Derek Hough ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2016 Drama: Why He’s Protecting His Home

Derek Hough decided to return to Dancing with the Stars this season after spending a season pursuing other avenues. Many fans are thrilled that Derek is back on the show, as he has clearly become a fan favorite. And what a great time for him to return to the show, as there was a security issue that happened on last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars.

After Ryan Lochte had performed, two men rushed the stage in protest and the security team had to tackle them to the ground. They were cuffed and removed from the set in police cars. Now, more information is coming out, and it sounds like Derek took the protest personally and asked some of the audience members to leave the set.

According to a new tweet, Derek Hough is getting plenty of love and support today, as he decided to stick up for the show, the ballroom, and all of the people involved with Dancing with the Stars. And people on Twitter noticed his actions.

“Big shout out to our amazing security team tonight on #DWTS. Love you guys,” Derek Hough revealed on Twitter after the show was over and things had calmed down in the ballroom, to which he got a huge amount of messages from fans and viewers.

“So much respect for you, Derek. Not only a phenomenal dancer & choreographer, but a stand-up human being as well,” one person wrote, while another added, “big shoutout to yourself for handling business also! So happy to have you back!”


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One person even revealed that she had been in the audience and was amazed to see how the situation was handled. Not everything was shown on Dancing with the Stars, but additional footage was later released, where Derek Hough was seen asking the people to leave, including the people who were wearing Ryan Lochte T-shirts and sitting next to the men who rushed the stage in protest.

“I was in the audience last night and big props to the security team but hey gotta pat yourself on the back too!” she wrote to Hough, while another person added, “Massive respect for you always Derek that went into the stratosphere 4 Standing Up to protect your #DWTS home.”

Hough wasn’t on the dance floor when the protestors rushed the stage, but he quickly jumped in to help. When the security team tackled the men on stage, Derek Hough found out where they were sitting and there was an entire row of people wearing the anti-Ryan Lochte T-shirts. He asked them all to leave because he felt that people were uncomfortable in a place where you are supposed to be happy and supportive of one another.

“I felt the energy in the room change,” Derek Hough revealed to ET Online after the incident happened, adding, “I’m really sensitive to that, honestly. I got really defensive, not just for Ryan, but for the ballroom, for the show.”

“I basically told them aggressively that they need to leave because you don’t do that here. And I think that they looked like fools because [Ryan] just did a great dance and he’s out there doing what he can do. We’re all human beings,” Derek Hough pointed out, adding, “I don’t think these people are perfect. I don’t think any of us are and I think that to bring that in here, that doesn’t belong in here.”

How do you think Derek Hough protected his Dancing with the Stars home? Are you surprised that he jumped right in to help and support the security team as they dealt with this shocking event?

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