Leah Messer Shares Powerful Message: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Has Big Plans For The Future?

Leah Messer has returned to social media over the past couple of months, and it sounds like she wants people to know just how happy she is these days. Messer has admitted to taking some vitamin pills to get all of the vitamins and nutrients she needs throughout the day, as she may not be getting enough through her food intake. Last year, Messer went to treatment for depression and anxiety, and it sounds like she has really turned her life completely around. And this summer, Leah focused on getting her girls settled as her twin girls had been moving between her and Corey Simms.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that this year was indeed great, but there are more exciting things to come. This summer, Leah purchased a house for herself and her girls, and she’s excited about decorating the new home. This is a fresh start for her, as she battled her way through the court system to win custody once again of her twin daughters. She shares custody with Jeremy Calvert over little Adalynn.

“Just put this up in my dining room! Agh, it really doesn’t get better than this… Psych! (thanks for correcting me) It’s only going to get better than this,” Leah Messer revealed to an Instagram post, sharing a picture of canvas art that read, “It doesn’t get better than this.”

It sounds like Leah Messer has some exciting plans for the future, even though she didn’t share what they were. Many of her co-stars are working hard to create companies, businesses and write books to secure some financial stability.


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At one time, Messer did try to start up a beauty salon, where she could offer some tanning services, but it didn’t work out. It is possible that she lost her investors along the way. It was shortly before she fell into a depression and her battle with anxiety. She later divorced her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, and has been living the single life ever since.

And it sounds like Leah Messer’s fans accept her mistakes for what they are. People make mistakes, and Leah is working hard on rectifying those mistakes. Messer did have a period where she wasn’t really thinking about her surroundings, and her friends were concerned that the drugs she had been prescribed were too much for her. These days, Leah is getting nothing but fan support and love from people who see her changing on a daily basis.

“You are so kind! I pray for you and root for you all the time!! Keep on chugging those little girls need you,” one person wrote in support of Leah, while another added, “I just love all the pictures you post of your home and the video you made putting away dishes and listing to country just made the rest of my day thanks for that esp for letting up see a glimpse of your life.”

What do you think of Leah Messer’s encouraging wall art in her home? Do you think her life will only get better from now on or do you think she will face some more obstacles along the way?

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]