Tyga Saving Money To Stop Relying On Kylie Jenner’s Millions Amid Engagement Rumors

Tyga is desperate to get his finances together and show Kylie Jenner that he’s matured amid reports claiming that the twosome are planning to get married next year.

According to Hollywood Life, the rapper has found himself in endless trouble as of late — from money he supposedly owed a vehicle renting service to the landlord of the Calabasas home he failed to make any payments for.

While Tyga is famously known to brag about living the rich lifestyle, the recent headlines he’s made seem to show that he’s not as wealthy as he makes himself out to be. In an effort to cut down on his spending habits, Tyga has reportedly told Kylie Jenner that he’s making some serious adjustments in his life.

He’s aware of the fact that the negative attention that has surrounded his finances have also affected Kylie and her brand, with a previous source stressing that the socialite’s family members fear she’s using her own money to help Tyga upkeep his persona as a wealthy rapper.

Earlier this month, Kylie presented the father of one with a brand new Bentley, one that had been fully paid for by the TV star. According to Hollywood Life, the rapper told his girlfriend that the new vehicle she’s gifted him will be the only car he’ll be driving, vowing to cut down on purchases for things he really doesn’t need.

“No more jewelry! No more cars! And no more making it rain in the clubs! That’s what Tyga promised Kylie [Jenner] he’d give up in order to be more responsible with his coins,” the insider confirmed.

“He told Kylie he’ll continue to wear the gold he already has and that he’ll only drive the car she bought for him or one of hers. If he wants to make it rain, Kylie will be his personal stripper. At least that way, when the song is over, he can scrape the money off the ground and put it right back into his pocket.”

Tyga is known for spending tens of thousands of dollars at strip clubs all over Hollywood, which has baffled his fans when taking into account all the financial problems he’s had in recent months.

But reports claiming that Tyga and Kylie are considering the idea of tying the knot next year, the “Faded” hitmaker knows he needs to change his ways and mature. He can’t rely on his girlfriend to help him out with his financial issues. If he’s going to marry her, the last thing Tyga wants is to still be faced with lawsuits concerning the money he owes multiple companies and landlords.

News of Tyga’s sudden decision to get his finances together comes just days after Kim Kardashian reportedly told her half-sister not to go through with her engagement plans, stressing that she’s too young to get married.

Kim argued that Kylie’s career is skyrocketing, and her empire is rapidly growing. Getting married at the young age of 19 would evidently send her down the wrong path and ultimately distract her from focusing on building her brand, In Touch adds.

Sources say that Tyga is furious with Kim trying to influence Kylie not to marry him. The rapper has yet to respond to claims that he’s butted heads with his girlfriend’s sister over her worries that getting married at the young age of 19 is the right choice for Jenner.

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